NewsRussiaPutin says long-range ATACMS missiles supplied to Ukraine pose 'additional threat'

Putin says long-range ATACMS missiles supplied to Ukraine pose ‘additional threat’

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, stated this Wednesday that the ATACMS long-range missiles supplied to Ukraine by the United States pose an “additional threat” to the country, so they only “harm” the parties within the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Firstly, this supply, of course, causes damage, and this creates an additional threat. Secondly, we, of course, will be able to repel these attacks,” Putin said, stressing that “the most “The important thing is that this will not change the situation on the contact line at all.”

This is how he spoke during a press conference after his visit to China, in which he took the opportunity to clarify that “war is war.” “This is another mistake by the United States and for several reasons,” she explained.

For Ukraine, he said, “there is nothing good in this regard.” “This simply prolongs their agony,” she said before ordering “constant” patrolling in the airspace over the Black Sea.

“Following my instructions, the Russian Aerospace Forces are starting permanent patrols in the neutral zone of airspace over the Black Sea. Our Mig-31 aircraft are armed with Kinzhal systems,” he stated, although he clarified that they have a range of more than of 1,000 kilometers.

However, he has ruled out that it is a “threat” and has maintained that the United States is increasingly involved in the Ukraine conflict. “In addition, all this is happening against the backdrop of the Middle East conflict, all this is heating up the atmosphere,” she warned.

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