NewsRussiaKremlin calls on Hamas to "urgently" release hostages

Kremlin calls on Hamas to “urgently” release hostages

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has confirmed that contacts continue with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to try to obtain the release of the Russian citizens held hostage after the offensive of October 7, while demanding their release ” urgent” of all the others.

“All hostages must be released urgently and immediately; this is our firm position. We, of course, ask Hamas to guarantee the release of all hostages,” Peskov stressed at a press conference on Tuesday, reports the Russian agency. TASS news.

Likewise, he stressed that they are taking advantage of every opportunity to contact “all parties related to the conflict” to obtain the release of Russian citizens, whose situation they do not know.

“We will continue these efforts,” said Peskov, who, on behalf of the Government, expressed his solidarity with the family and friends of the hostages. “We wish with all our hearts that they return safe and sound,” he said.

In recent days, the Israeli Government has reported that at least 325 foreigners have died as a result of the Hamas offensive, while another 200 have been taken hostage. As far as Russia is concerned, around twenty of its citizens would have died.


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