NewsAfricaAt least 18 dead in intercommunal violence in Abyei (South Sudan)

At least 18 dead in intercommunal violence in Abyei (South Sudan)

At least 18 people have died this Sunday as a result of an attack by armed men in the Abyei region, in dispute between Sudan and South Sudan, in an attack attributed to followers of the Nuer spiritual leader Gai Machiek, who in recent weeks have unleashed a wave of intercommunity violence.

“An attack in Mijak county has taken too many lives. 14 people have died and their houses have been completely burned with their inhabitants inside. The other attack has occurred in Aleel county, where three women and a man have died. man, and three houses have been burned. The third attack has occurred in Machbong, where there have been no casualties, although a market has been completely destroyed by flames,” regional information minister Bolis Kuch told the radio station. South Sudanese Eye Radio.

On Saturday, another group of armed people killed one person and kidnapped three others, two men and a woman, in Mijak County.

A few days ago, the region experienced a series of violent acts that left 43 dead, including a ‘blue helmet’ from Ghana, and another 36 injured, acts also attributed to Machiek’s followers.

It should be remembered that the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, ordered the expulsion of Machiek in the middle of the month, accused of instigating massacres everywhere in Abyei. The decision was met with protests from the Nuer community, assuring that the spiritual leader is in danger if he ends up returning to the state of Unity, where he wanted to return the leader.


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