TechnologyTON 618: how is the black hole that could destroy the Earth...

    TON 618: how is the black hole that could destroy the Earth in an instant

    TON 618: how is the black hole that could destroy the Earth in an instant

    Life on Earth, as well as our solar system, could disappear in an instant in the presence of TON 618, one of the largest black holes detected by science.. It is a region of space so colossal that in order to give a dimension of its size, it must be said that represents a mass equivalent to 66,000 million times that of our Sun.

    It is precisely because of that size that if it were at a relatively small distance it could devour the entire solar system.

    Luckily this black hole, whose existence has not yet been confirmed by NASA, It is located 10.4 billion light years from our it can be said that the Earth is safe from him.

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    Due to its size the TON 618 falls into a category known as supermassive black holes.They are a danger to everything around them due to the attractive forces that they can exert on them.

    Something that few know is that black holes can easily destroy a planet that is a long distance away, even without having to attract them using their gravity. This is possible because black holes are capable of expelling jets of energy that in some cases can travel distances of several hundred thousand light years.

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    One of the reasons why scientists have not yet been able to prove its existence is due to the fact that identifying a black hole is an extremely complex task. However, these have managed to estimate its size taking into account what Although it is impossible to look directly at a black hole and recognize it, it is possible to observe the presence of light that surrounds it. and that is located in what is known as the event horizon.

    Despite all this, scientists say that the Earth is safe from the attractive forces of all these black holes. Affirm that Even Sagittarius A, the closest black hole to our planet located 25.64 billion light years away, does not have enough attractive force to affect the Earth’s orbit..

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