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Khamenei calls on Muslim countries to boycott Israel that includes oil and other basic goods

The supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has asked Muslim countries this Wednesday to start a boycott and stop sending oil and food to Israel for its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, launched after the attacks carried out on September 7. October by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

“Muslim governments must block the export of oil and other basic goods to the Zionist regime,” Khamenei said during an event with students, before stating that “this war is not one between Israel and Gaza, but between lies and truth.” , between arrogant powers and faith”.

Thus, he stressed that “the world of imperialism has arrived with bombs, military pressure, tragedies and crime, but the power of faith will overcome all of these, with the grace of God,” according to a transcript of his statements published through your account on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The Muslim world must not forget that it was the United States, France and the United Kingdom that opposed Islam and oppressed the Palestinians. The Muslim world must realize that this is not just about the Zionist regime and must consider these countries in their agreements, analyzes and equations,” he argued.

In this sense, he has elaborated that “the people of Gaza have shaken human conscience with their patience” and has emphasized that “even in Western countries” there are mobilizations and “chanting against Israel and the American Government.”

“His reputation has been ruined before the world,” said Khamenei, who asserted that “the final victory, which is not too far away, will be that of the Palestinians and Palestine.”

On the other hand, he recalled the assault on the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, carried out after the success of the Islamic Revolution, and asserted that the event “was a blow by the Iranian nation to the United States,” according to part of their statements, also published on their website.

The attacks carried out on October 7 by Hamas left nearly 1,400 dead and more than 230 kidnapped, while the authorities of the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Islamist group, have reported the death of more than 8,500 people in bombings. Israel, a figure to which is added more than 110 deaths in operations by security forces and attacks by settlers in the West Bank.


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