TechnologySamsung Galaxy S21 phones in the US will receive Android 13 update

    Samsung Galaxy S21 phones in the US will receive Android 13 update

    Samsung Galaxy S21 phones in the US will receive Android 13 update

    Samsung announced that all Galaxy S21 phones released in the United States can now update their operating system to Android 13. Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra phones blocked by carriers in the US will receive a firmware update that includes the new version of One UI 5.0the Android customization layer developed by Samsung.

    The manufacturer explained that all those users who have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21 can manually download the new version of Android. However, it is possible that they experience a slight deterioration in terms of fluidity, taking into account that the new operating system may require more power from the equipment.

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    In the same way, another aspect to consider for those who wish to opt for the upgrade is that this could have an impact on their battery life.

    The fact that the Galaxy S21 family devices is not a surprise considering that at the time of their launch they were Samsung’s top of the range. Added to this is the fact that its arrival on the market took place less than two years ago, so Samsung will still continue to support you for new updates for both security and performance improvements..

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    Those people who wish to update their equipment must access the configuration menu and then go to the software update option. At this point the user should be presented with a button to download and install the update.

    Android is the operating system used by most of the phones in the world. Nevertheless, some manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi choose to integrate a customization layer into their devices that allows them to be distinguished at a glance from an Android device of any other brand.

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    This is possible thanks to special software developed by the company, which in the case of Samsung is called One UI. and its most recent stable version is 5.0.

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