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    Kindle Scribe: how is Amazon’s new smart reader that allows you to write on your screen

    Kindle Scribe: how is Amazon's new smart reader that allows you to write on your screen

    Amazon introduced the Kindle Script, its new smart reader designed to function as a multipurpose device capable of allowing users to read content and write on their screen. It is the first device of its kind that allows users to use its screen for more than just reading.

    For the use of writing mode the Kindle Scribe includes a smart pen Unlike other similar accessories, it does not require the user to recharge it to be able to use it freely on the surface of the tablet. Users will have the possibility of having a basic pen and therefore cheaper and a more premium one with a better finish.

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    They explain that in the case of the latter, the device includes an eraser at the top and a shortcut button that can be programmed to function as either an eraser, a bookmark, or to open a new sticky note.

    From Amazon they emphasize that it is a premium product because in addition to being the first Paperwhite screen of 10.2 inches and 300 pixels per inch, It has an anti-glare front lighting that resemble paper at all times. In this way the user will feel that he is reading or writing on this type of material and not on a screen.

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    The Kindle Scribe is already on preorder for $349 and will ship later this year..

    “Kindle Scribe is inspired by the Kindle where customers have added trillions of notes and book highlights over the years, and it’s also great for reviewing and marking up documents, managing your to-do list, drafting a great idea. Plus, it offers all the Kindle benefits customers know and love with the benefit of a beautiful, big screen,” said Kevin Keith, vice president of Amazon Devices.

    Since it is a Kindle device, has instant access to Kindle stores with more than 13 million books, unlimited access to more than 3 million eBooksas well as other benefits.

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    It should also be noted that The Kindle Scribe are friendly to the environment since they are made of 100% aluminum and 48% recycled plastics.

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