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    How to connect to a WiFi network from your phone without knowing the password

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    Connecting to a Wi-Fi network without knowing its password can be thought of as an impossible task or that it requires advanced computer skills. However, it is a function that is available in most mobile phones today.

    For this, the only thing that is required is that the device is capable of recognizing QR codes, something that in the most recent terminals, and even some old ones, is a feature that is incorporated by default.

    This is particularly useful not only because it makes it easier to access the Internet from a cell phone, but also because avoids the problem of having to enter a password that can contain numbers, capital letters and signs that make it a headache to type it.

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    Below we explain step by step what you have to do to connect to a WiFi network without needing to know the password:

    1. The first step is to be aware that Connecting to public networks can pose a security risk because it allows third parties to have access to the content that is being accessed on the Internet. That is why this method it is recommended to apply it only in networks that the user considers safe.

    two. It is essential to have access to the router that provides the wireless signal to which you want to connect. The equipment must have a small QR code on one of its sides which can go unnoticed in a first review.

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    3. Locating it it is necessary to enter the WiFi configuration menu of the cell phone and access the scan option. It should be noted that depending on the model and brand of the phone used, the name of the function may vary.

    4. Once the person manages to enter the option, they should see an interface similar to that of the phone’s camera. In this point all you have to do is focus the code present on the router with your cell phone camera.

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    If everything has been done correctly, the phone should automatically connect to the WiFi network without requesting any additional data. In addition to this, it will be configured automatically so that if the phone detects it, it will connect to it without having to ask the user.

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