TechnologyHow to avoid being scammed when buying airline tickets online

    How to avoid being scammed when buying airline tickets online

    How to avoid being scammed when buying airline tickets online

    The end of the pandemic has allowed thousands of people to travel around the world again and this seems to be being used by Internet scammers to test new mechanisms with which to steal from potential victims.

    In this sense, one of the new strategies they are using is selling fake plane tickets online. For it cybercriminals take it upon themselves to create a fake ticket booking website with which they manage to capture unsuspecting people who carry out the entire payment process without knowing that they are really being scammed.

    In In some cases, criminals even go to the trouble of creating fake phone numbers and contact emails.all this in order to make it look as realistic as possible and therefore allow them to scam as many people as possible.

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    Given all this situation, we offer you some recommendations that could allow you to identify this type of scam:

    If you are not a person who is used to buying plane tickets via the web, It is best to take enough time to investigate each of the options that seem most attractive to you..

    There are specialized websites that offer reviews of these kinds of platforms so that you can select a platform that has enough positive reviews to know that it is a legitimate business.

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    Another aspect that you should be aware of is the address you are accessing at the time of making the purchase. Trusted websites must have the HTTPS protocol at the beginning of the link.

    Otherwise, it is most likely that it is either a fraudulent site, or one with questionable it is not recommended to make a purchase through it either.

    The use of credit cards is another element that can make a difference in a case of fraud. The reason for this is that it is easier to demonstrate through this mechanism that the purchase of the ticket was a fraudulent transaction.

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    This way it is more likely that the money will be returned to the person.

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