SportsRescue teams find the body of climber Hilaree Nelson in Manaslu

    Rescue teams find the body of climber Hilaree Nelson in Manaslu

    Rescue teams find the body of climber Hilaree Nelson in Manaslu

    Rescue teams have found the body of American mountaineer Hilaree Nelson in the Himalayas in the last few hours. The alpine skier had been missing since Monday after suffering an accident on the descent of Manaslu (8,163 meters), the eighth highest mountain in the world, where she had summited with her partner, Jim Morrison. Shangri-La Nepal Trek, the organizers of the expedition, have announced that rescue teams have found her body on Wednesday morning.

    On Monday, the helicopters could not fly over the area due to weather conditions and on Tuesday they returned empty-handed. The search had resumed on Wednesday with a helicopter carrying Nelson’s partner, Jim Morrison, Jiban Ghimire of the Shangri-La Nepal Trek previously reported. The mountain climber and ski mountaineer is one of the “most prolific of her generation,” according to her sponsor, The North Face. The same day as her disappearance, an avalanche on Manaslu killed a Nepalese mountain climber and injured a dozen.

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    Two days ago, shortly after reaching the top, Nelson and his partner James Morrison strapped on their ski boards and headed down the slope, seeking to imitate Adrian Ballinger, the first to do so in 2011. It was 11:30, and barely a quarter An hour later, the radios went crazy looking for communication with the base camp: a witness claimed to have seen Nelson fall to the bottom of a 25 meter deep crack.

    Morrison, who reached base camp after the incident and asked for help, participated from the helicopter in the tasks to locate his partner. The North Face, sponsor of the North American since 1999, offered a brief statement on Monday confirming the disappearance of its athlete and the aerial search for him. Nelson (who began her career in alpine skiing and abandoned the discipline attracted by the mountains) and Morrison were the first to sign the Lhotse descent (8,516 m) skiing in 2018. She was also the first woman to link two eight-thousanders: Everest and Lhotse in an attack that lasted 24 hours, in 2012.

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    Last week, a series of heavy snowfalls prevented several scheduled summits, a circumstance that explains the second part of the drama experienced on Monday: a series of avalanches between camps 3 and 4 left at least one dead and four climbers in critical condition, if Although the extent of the damage caused in crowded high altitude camps remains unreliable. The survivors who could be rescued by helicopter explained that the avalanche took part of the fixed ropes, an insurmountable problem for the numerous clients of the agencies that operate in the area: they are not autonomous to descend without using the umbilical cord of the ropes. The truth is that Manaslu has become fashionable for a simple reason: a few months ago, a study by the Himalayan Database led by Eberhard Jurgalski revealed that of the 44 people who have climbed the 14 eight-thousanders of the globe, only six would have reached the authentic summit of Manaslu, informs Oscar Gogorza.

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