SportsLuis Enrique: "We are collapsing"

    Luis Enrique: “We are collapsing”

    Luis Enrique: "We are collapsing"

    The referee whistled the end of the game and the Japanese players knelt on the grass before being swallowed up by a mob of photojournalists looking for an emotional portrait of their heroic compatriots. Nothing to do with the coldness with which the Spanish internationals welcomed the final whistle, despite having qualified for the round of 16. The austere image of the team linked with the forcefulness with which Luis Enrique proclaimed in the press room: “I have nothing to celebrate.”

    His raised tone, bordering on shouting, his lost gaze and glowing cheeks standing out on a dark complexion already tanned by the Qatari sun, betrayed the anger that seized the Spanish coach.

    “In football there are no easy paths,” said the coach from Gijon about the second place that avoids a hypothetical crossing in the quarterfinals with Brazil; “There are merits, and today I am not happy at all. We have qualified, but I wanted to be first and have won this game, ”Luis Enrique lamented, inflamed every time he recalled the confusion of Spain in the second half. “Japan had five minutes, they scored two goals against us and in ten they disarmed us. If they had needed two more goals, they would have scored for us as well”. The coach from Gijon only seemed to calm his internal fire with the analysis of the first part. “We started with control of the game and with a quick goal. Then we defended with the ball, we suffered and tried to close the game, but it couldn’t be”, the Spanish coach lamented again before giving his diagnosis of the team’s entry into a spiral at the start of the second half.

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    “We have entered collapse mode. This is an inexplicable sport and now it explains that you have dominated for 80 minutes, and that you have lost, ”she commented. The Spanish coach seemed to be greatly irritated by the turnaround that Japan gave to the clash because he had warned his footballers. “At the break I told them to be attentive because they were going to come up because they were eliminated, but we went into collapse mode and I repeat, I have nothing to celebrate,” he added.

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    In the midst of the Japanese maelstrom, Luis Enrique was not even aware of the three minutes in which Spain was eliminated because Costa Rica took the lead (2-1) against Germany. “What do you mean eliminated, three minutes eliminated, why? Have we been eliminated at some point?” Luis Enrique asked the federation’s director of communication, Pablo Garcia Cuervo, in astonishment. Or he didn’t find out because he was in the part of the technical zone furthest from the bench, where the substitutes shouted to those who were playing that Costa Rica was winning. “I had not found out, that shows that my speech is sincere, we were not going to speculate. Of course, luckily the collapse occurs once every four years, because if not, the baby [por el] gives him a heart attack.”

    Luis Enrique did not seem to agree very much with the concession of the second goal to Japan. “I’ve seen a photograph, but it must be doctored,” he quipped, as if he couldn’t believe that the ball hadn’t completely crossed the baseline. The move will bring a tail because it was not reproduced in three dimensions on the video scoreboards and the German press questioned the technology applied.

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    “It has been 10-12 minutes that we were out, a tremendous feeling of overwhelm. We have another opportunity and we have to go with everything ”, snorted Pedri in the mixed zone. “The game in Germany was being put on the scoreboard. We found out that we were out, so we began to encourage our teammates to try to score a goal. It has not arrived, but we have been lucky that Germany has won”, continued the Barcelona midfielder. “We lacked rhythm with the ball, moving it fast,” complained Pedri, who defended that Spain not speculate to be second in the group, as it finally has been: “We didn’t look at the crossings, just win all the games and come out stronger from the phase of groups”.

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