SportsDavid Silva, fined 1,000 euros for throwing a woman to the ground...

    David Silva, fined 1,000 euros for throwing a woman to the ground in a fight

    David Silva, fined 1,000 euros for throwing a woman to the ground in a fight

    Real Sociedad footballer David Silva has been convicted of beating a woman during a fight at Maspalomas Carnival in Gran Canaria on July 19. The Canarian will have to pay a fine of 1,080 euros to the young woman, according to the ruling of the Investigating Court number 3 of San Bartolome de Tirajana, a municipality in the south of Gran Canaria. The soccer player’s brother was also involved in the fight, along with a third man who threw a stone at one person and threatened another with a knife while yelling at him: “Come here I’ll cut you.” The three defendants admitted the facts, so the trial did not take place.

    Silva has been convicted of a minor crime of injury, according to the court ruling detailing the “brawl between several people” during the early hours of June 19 in the vicinity of the Campo Internacional de Maspalomas. During the fight, the soccer player strongly grabbed the young woman’s arm to separate her from her “with the intention of undermining her physical integrity” and this caused her to fall to the ground. As a result of her fall, the woman suffered “post-traumatic cervical pain, contusion in the left elbow, laceration in the second finger of the left hand, lacerations in both knees and lacerations in both legs”, and she needed to receive health care, according to the judgment.

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    Both the Real Sociedad footballer and his brother and the third party involved acknowledged the facts and a consent sentence was reached. Silva will have to pay the fine of 1,080 euros in addition to compensation for the victim of 520 euros, of which 280 correspond to the injuries suffered and 240 to “material damage caused.”

    Along with Silva, his brother and the third convicted, at least four other people were involved, one of them the woman attacked by the soccer player. According to the sentence, the player’s brother “hit a young man in the face with his hand and” once he had fallen to the ground, he continued hitting him in different parts of the body. He then went to a second woman whom he “dealt with various blows” and broke a chain that was around her neck. For these actions, the footballer’s brother has been convicted of two crimes of minor injuries and will have to pay a fine of 1,440 euros and compensation of 1,155 euros.

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    The third involved has been sentenced for throwing a stone at one of the attacked that “hit him in the head” and caused a wound that needed stitches. After this, he turned to another young man and threatened him with a knife at the same time as he yelled at him: “Come here and I’ll cut you.” The man has been convicted of a crime of injury and a minor crime of threats and is sentenced to eight months in prison and a fine of 720 euros plus 1,153 compensation.

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