PoliticsTrump Hires Former Florida Attorney As His Defense Attorney In Mar-a-Lago Case

    Trump Hires Former Florida Attorney As His Defense Attorney In Mar-a-Lago Case

    Trump Hires Former Florida Attorney As His Defense Attorney In Mar-a-Lago Case

    The ex-president donald trump has incorporated the legal team that represents him in eThe case for the search of his residence in Mar-a-Lago to the lawyer Chris Kiseformer attorney general of Florida and close to the governor of this state, Ron DeSantis, according to US media.

    Defined as a fierce litigator in political causes, Kise has won four cases before the US Supreme Court and several before the Florida Supreme Court, in addition to having been part of the transition team of Ron DeSantis and his predecessor in the State Governor, the current senator from Florida Rick Scott.

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    According to the NBC News channel, Kise could even appear as a representative attorney for the former president in federal court in Florida. next Thursday, the day on which Judge Aileen Cannon has called both parties to hear the arguments about the possible appointment of an independent expert to supervise the documents extracted during the search.

    At the beginning of last week, Trump requested in a federal court in Florida the appointment of a “special master”, who is an independent expert, to supervise the search of last August 8 at Mar-a-Lago, the winter residence of the former president.

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    Trump also requested a more detailed receipt of what was seized and the return of what was not included in the court order that authorized the search, during which the FBI recovered classified documents.

    The judge announced over the weekend her “preliminary” intention to appoint an expert to supervise the documents withdrawn during the search and gave until Tuesday for the Department of Justice to respond to the request made by the former president (2017-2021).

    The US Attorney’s Office informed through a motion entered in court that it has already completed the review of “a limited set of materials that potentially contain privileged attorney-client information”and that it is now in the process of “addressing potential privilege disputes.”

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    Source: La Opinion

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