PoliticsTrump has until Friday to choose his special teachers to review documents...

    Trump has until Friday to choose his special teachers to review documents seized at Mar-a-Lago

    Donald Trump has until Friday to draw up a list of possible candidates to serve as special teachers in the review of the documents that the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago, according to the deadline that a federal judge gave the United States Department of Justice and the lawyers of the former president.

    Legal experts consulted by Reuters indicated that It will not be easy to find those who have the necessary experience and the security clearances to handle the highly classified documents, as well as the willingness to enter the political fire surrounding the investigation.

    Kenneth Feinberg, who served as a special teacher for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, said of this: “If we’re talking about highly classified material, there are only a relatively small number of people who would qualify from work”.

    It would have to be someone willing to brave the hurricane. It is not purely a security issue. It has become a political issue,” he added.

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    Last week, the nonprofit law firm National Security Counselors provided the court with a list of four possible candidates with experience in executive privileges.

    However, the four have made it clear in their comments that they don’t want the job or that lawyers for the Justice Department or Trump could use to argue against him.

    One of those named, Mark Rozell, who serves as dean of George Mason University’s school of public policy, asked that his name be removed from the list. “I am flattered that someone thinks I am qualified, but I prefer to analyze from the outside of the events, ” he told Reuters.

    While another of those contemplated for such a task, the former prosecutor of the Department of Justice, Jonathan Shaub, has not said if he would accept the position, but criticized Cannon’s order, indicating that he was “full of inaccuracies about the law” and that the judge appeared to be “doing everything she could to help Trump.”

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    For its part, Heidi Kitrosser, a law professor at Northwestern University, said she thinks she’s unlikely to be selected.after some conservative media outlets and Trump supporters on social media pointed to his past political comments, Reuters notes.

    Finally, Mitchel Sollenberger of the University of Michigan-Dearborn stated that You don’t have security clearance.

    A special teacher is an independent outside expert who is sometimes hired to review seized records by the government in sensitive cases where some of the material may be confidential, Reuters notes.

    But not everyone can play that role because the chosen one must have a high-level security clearance because more than 100 of the more than 11,000 documents are marked top secret, secret, or confidential.

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    Aileen Cannon, the US District Judge ruled Monday that a special teacher must review the records seized from the luxurious Trump mansion located in Florida, to rule out anything that should be hidden from prosecutors, whether due to attorney-client privilege or executive privilege.

    It is the first time a special master has been called in to determine whether records are covered by executive privilege, particularly in the unique circumstance that a former president asserted the right over the current president’s prerogative.

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