PoliticsThe Department of Justice has asked a judge to force Navarro to...

    The Department of Justice has asked a judge to force Navarro to return emails from the Trump White House

    The Department of Justice has asked a judge to force Navarro to return emails from the Trump White House

    This Monday the Justice Department filed a motion for a judge to order the former White House adviser, peter navarrowhich returns the government emails that he allegedly handled through a private account while serving in the Donald Trump administration.

    “While serving as a presidential advisor (Navarro) used at least one unofficial email account, namely, a ProtonMail account, to send and receive messages in the performance of their official duties,” the Justice Department said in its filing with the United States District Court in Washington, DC

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    Although the Justice Department mentioned in the motion that there is “no genuine dispute that Dr. Navarro used at least one unofficial email account to conduct official business, that those records are the property of the United States.” ”, they note thatThe former White House adviser has refused to return the records to the country.

    The DOJ also argued that because Navarro remains in possession of property belonging to the United States, “this Court must issue an appeal for reconsideration demanding that Dr. Navarro return what he continues to illicitly possess”.

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    The Hill, who had communication with Peter Navarro’s attorneys, said when the Justice Department filed the lawsuit last month that he “never refused to provide records to the government” and that he had “instructed his attorneys to preserve all those records.” records”.

    Public records advocates have long opposed lost, never created or expunged records, but the Justice Department has rarely sued former administration officials over the Presidential Records Act.

    This is a separate case the accusation that Pete Navarro faces for contempt of Congresswhich is also being handled by the Justice Department, according to CNN.

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