PoliticsPoll shows voters' concerns are gun control, the economy and inflation

    Poll shows voters’ concerns are gun control, the economy and inflation

    A survey carried out by Harvard University in conjunction with the newspaper Politico, showed what are the concerns that most affect voters and that could redirect their vote for the November elections. Gun policy, inflation, the economy, abortion are the issues that most affect the majority of the American population.

    Some Democratic candidates who are struggling to attract the attention of voters with different proposals, have taken the issue of abortion as their flag, considering it one of the greatest effects among the population, but according to the survey carried out by one of the most prestigious Universities in the country and the newspaper Politico, abortion ranks fourth among voter concerns.

    The newspaper reported that the survey asked 1,815 registered voters to say what are the issues they consider “extremely important” in his vote in Congress. The results showed that inflation is the greatest anguish Americans are currently experiencing, with a 51% and thus being the first place.

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    The economy tied with jobs got 49% of the votes in terms of being one of the needs that legislators must take into account so that they work on them. The politics of guns which is a very sensitive issue due to the controversy that exists and the massacres that the sale of high-caliber rifles to civilians has generated, because despite this, the manufacturers demand that sales continue.

    Gun control concerns 46% of people that they would like to regulate the situation to avoid so many innocent deaths. And in four place was the right to abortion with 44%, yes it is an important issue because it represents a right for women, as well as their health and in extreme cases saving their lives, it also shows that it is not the only way that the Democrats have to obtain support. It is not what some Democratic candidates affirm ; the most relevant issue in the US

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    The error range of the Harvard-Politico poll is 2.5 percentage points. According to the information, both this survey and many others with official validity reach the hands of all the candidates, since makes it easier for them to address themselves in a more direct way with the real problems that affect the population for which they are going to work.

    It is important to add that the subject of climate change as well as criminal justice reform also appeared among the concerns of the population, only they were at the bottom of the list.

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    “What I think we have is people who respond to the most salient short-term concerns. The school shootings of the last six months have led people to be really concerned about the weapons available,” said Robert Blendon, a professor of health policy and political analysis at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.

    Source: La Opinion

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