PoliticsPHOTO: White House presents its Christmas decoration, which includes 77 trees and...

    PHOTO: White House presents its Christmas decoration, which includes 77 trees and more than 80,000 lights

    PHOTO: White House presents its Christmas decoration, which includes 77 trees and more than 80,000 lights

    First Lady Jill Biden unveiled this year’s Christmas decorations, under the theme “We the People,” which she selected months ago. The White House says more than 150 volunteers came together to decorate the building over the course of a week.

    “The values ​​that unite us can be found all around you, a belief in possibility, optimism and unity,” the first lady said Monday. “Room by room we represent what unites us during the holidays.”

    According to the first lady’s office description, around the White House are 77 Christmas trees, 25 wreaths and 83,615 Christmas lights.

    A) Yes, The first lady of the United States inaugurated the decoration of the White House for this Christmas, which has the motto “We the People” (“We, the people”, in Spanish.

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    Different rooms were dressed for the occasion with a decoration in which 150 volunteers worked for a week and which aims to “capture the spirit embodied in the very idea of ​​the United States.”

    From bells to cardboard animals, through artificial snow and a gingerbread replica of the White House itself, the presidential building kicked off the Christmas season with its traditional annual decoration.

    The White House also incorporated a gingerbread model into Independence Hall in Philadelphia; together, the creation weighs 300 pounds, which includes 100 pounds of pastillage, a thick fondant, as well as 30 pounds of chocolate and 40 pounds of royal icing, according to White House pastry chef Susan Morrison.

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    The first lady wanted to dedicate this edition especially to the families of the United States National Guard to “give support” to those who “represent the heart” of the communities, so he invited members and family members to welcome the parties.

    Following this year’s slogan, a cookie replica of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall also dominates the dining room, renamed “We the Children” (“We, the children”) and dedicated to the little protagonists of the festivities.

    The first lady encouraged to “see Christmas through the eyes of children” and he especially referred to the children of members of the National Guard, with whom he spoke in the morning to learn their stories and learn “how to give them better support.”

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    To the decoration is added the music of the orchestra that accompanies the president when he receives guests, such as at state dinners and signing bills.

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