PoliticsJanuary 6 Committee Considers Officially Soliciting Testimony From Donald Trump And Mike...

    January 6 Committee Considers Officially Soliciting Testimony From Donald Trump And Mike Pence

    Members of the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill are considering formally request testimony of the former president donald trump and former vice president Mike Pence, Although they do not expect them to appear, it is important that the record of the request of both officials be recorded.

    The January 6 Committee plans to send the applications to the former president and former vice president. The chairman of the Democrat Committee, Bennie Thompson, has already repeatedly said that he is interested in hearing from Mike Pence..

    “Multiple sources told CNN that the committee does not expect officials to testify, but some members and staff think they should be invited anyway just for the record: ‘How do you create a historical record without including formal requests from the two main witnesses?’said an unidentified source familiar with the Committee’s work, HuffPost journalist David Moye reported.

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    Former Vice President Mike Pence had already indicated a month ago that he had considered being able to testify before the committee, “If there was an invitation to participate, I would consider it,” he replied after being questioned by journalists during a breakfast in New Hampshire.

    “Any formal invitation extended to us, we will duly consider. But my first obligation is to continue to uphold my oath, to continue to uphold this framework of government enshrined in the Constitution, this created the greatest nation in the history of the world,” Pence added.

    Journalist Moye revealed that one of his sources, who preferred anonymity, understands that The Committee wishes to know and hear the testimony of former President Donald Trump, whose decision was made because the date to end the investigations is approaching.

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    “The committee is also open to hearing testimony from Trump, but only if it is offered on his terms. Internal discussions about asking Trump and Pence to testify have intensified as the investigation draws to a close.”

    The January 6 Committee has already sent out more than 40 subpoenas including close advisers to former President Trump, as well as former White House officials and staff members from his 2020 presidential campaign, ranging from lower level employees to those at the highest levels of the campaign, each one can contribute data that are important for the investigation.

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    Several officials have been requested by the January 6 Panel, including: former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, former counsel Steven Miller, assistant Brian Jack, also William S. Russell, Newt Gringich, former National Security Advisor , Robert O’Brien, just to name a few that have already been featured.

    The name of Ginni Thomas, the extreme right-wing activist, was one of the witnesses that was also required, since according to the investigations was advising numerous state legislators to try to overturn the results of the 2020 elections.

    The newspaper Politico noted that the January 6 Committee dissolves in 16 weeks, and members are currently discussing the date for publishing a full final report, as well as transcripts of witness testimony.

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