PoliticsIndia: Modi government's intentions behind implementing The Swamitva Scheme

    India: Modi government’s intentions behind implementing The Swamitva Scheme

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi today launched The Swamitva scheme through video conferencing for the empowerment of millions of people of India and major changes in rural India. Card distribution was done through this scheme. Under this, about 1 lakh real estate owners will be able to download this card from the link received through SMS on their phone.

    After this, all the state governments will distribute physical cards. The Swamitva scheme can prove to be helpful in making the people living in the village self-reliant.

    Swamitva scheme

    The plan was announced on 24 April 2020. The government took less than 6 months to implement the scheme. This scheme comes under the Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

    All the works under this scheme will go online. It is expected that some tasks like the land mafia, forgery, and plunder of land will be completely stopped. The villagers will have complete details of their property online. In this, provision has been made for mapping all the property of the village. Villagers will be given an e-portal certificate related to the land. The Prime Minister also announced that in the coming years, Panchayati Raj Day will be celebrated based on the ownership plan, 2020. And it will also announce the award

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    The reason for bringing this plan

    About half of our country’s population lives in the village. Under the old system, most villagers did not have their property documents. Many governments came, but there was no improvement in it. To date, many villagers have no documents of ownership of their land. The Modi government wants to remove this deficiency from the ownership plan. The government wants to provide online maintenance of the farmers’ lands. This scheme beneficial for rural people will also ease the functioning of the government. Once the property is fixed, its prices will also be easily fixed. Property cards can be used to take loans and the tax system will improve on the Panchayati lining.

    Government Master Plan

    6.2 lakh villages will be covered in 4 years through this scheme. Accurate land records will help reduce property disputes and boost financial liquidity. With the help of this scheme, the information on government schemes reaches the village easily. The people of the village can take home loans on their houses and also loans on farms, like the people of the city. By 2024, the target of mapping the land has been set by the drone in every village of the country. This will also help speed up the verification process of the land and prevent land corruption. The government is trying to bring financial stability in rural India. This will help the government in fixing property tax and will also reduce property disputes and legal matters.

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    What are the obstacles?

    The government does not take much time to plan and implement. But seeing the health of the previous schemes, it is hard to say the future of this master plan. It is very easy to implement the scheme in this country but it is very difficult to reach it at the ground level.

    The village farmers are still not as educated. The government can explain this scheme to them, this is the victory of the government. The villagers do not fully adopt any system until they are compelled or there is no direct benefit to them. The government has learned this lesson in making Aadhar card. It is difficult for the government to reach rural people in practical terms.

    Condition of some previous plans

    Demonetization is the biggest failure of the government, which will probably remain a sore throat even further. Demonetization has played an important role in bringing the economy to this point. Make in India was promoted by the government like a lion but it seems like a rat broke into the bill.

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    Farmers do not see any benefit from Crop Insurance Schemes. The condition of the farmers is more or less the same. The Smart City scheme also proved to be contrary to the promises of the government. The way the scheme started, the sooner it went into cold storage.

    The list of those schemes in which the government has failed is very long. Modi Government is taking risk by implementing this plan so that he can get away with the failure schemes. Anyway, according to Indian people, the government brings schemes so that government people can get the commission. Any plan disappears, after going to the ground level. The public does not get anything, but the remaining people become rich.
    This scheme looks beneficial and successful. But how much will the public be able to benefit from it, or will the scheme be fully implemented with the right motive, only time will tell.

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