PoliticsGiuliani tried to find something dirty against the Bidens on Trump's orders

    Giuliani tried to find something dirty against the Bidens on Trump’s orders

    Giuliani tried to find something dirty against the Bidens on Trump's orders

    Rudy Giuliani admitted that his efforts to find dirt on the Bidens, at the request of Donald Trump, during the 2020 presidential race failed because the claims against the Bidens were “very weak” and “not consistent with the facts.”

    This episode was revealed in the book Giuliani: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America’s Mayor, written by journalist Andrew Kirtzman.

    Giuliani would have made this confession in a text message to Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian associate who would later be jailed for campaign finance violations.

    Trump’s former personal lawyer had multiple meetings with Ukrainian officials and former prosecutors as he tried to link Joe Biden and his son Hunter to a Democratic plot to unseat Trump.

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    However, he did not achieve his goal because he only got a lot of Conspiracy theories that the former president’s advisers ruled out considering them as entangled as a ‘plate of spaghetti’.

    On the contrary, his investigation was so chaotic that one of his most promising sources turned out to be a Russian agent.

    According to the book just published this Tuesday, the failure of the former New York mayor marked a point of tension between him and Trump even though they had ‘brilliant’ chemistry.

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    The book’s author recounts how Giuliani joined the Trump campaign in his desperation to stay in the spotlight and trashed his reputation as “America’s mayor” in a reckless effort to please his new boss.

    Also, Kirtzman downplays the material found on Hunter’s laptop, which Giuliani is said to have obtained from a computer repair shop in Delaware and passed to reporters in October 2020.

    write that Giuliani hoped computer revelations would ‘blow up’ election the following month, but it became a ‘barometer of his collapsed credibility’.

    Nevertheless, the laptop provided some embarrassing revelations about Hunter’s relationship with his father, as well as providing a host of images and videos showing Hunter in questionable and illegal situations, further embarrassing Biden.

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    The son of the current president is the subject of a criminal investigation in Delaware about your tax matters, which has been expanded to include possible violation of tax laws, money laundering and foreign lobbying.

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    Source: La Opinion

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