PoliticsDonald Trump and the Justice Department divided on who should be the...

    Donald Trump and the Justice Department divided on who should be the special teacher

    The Justice Department and the lawyers of donald trump They haven’t agreed on a list of potential legal experts who could be the special master appointed to review materials the FBI seized from the former president’s Florida residence, according to a court filing filed Friday night, and they’re not agree on which of the documents that person should have for the review.

    The dispute now appears to be up to Judge Aileen M. Cannon to resolve, and each side proposes two people as potential special teachers to examine material seized by agents in the Mar-a-Lago search on Aug. 8.

    In the file delivered to federal judge Aileen Cannon who is handling the case, Trump nominated attorney Paul Huck Jr. and Judge Raymond Dearie, while the Justice Department nominated judges Thomas Griffith and Barbara Jones, both retired.

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    The two parties had a limit until this Friday to present their candidates.

    In addition, the Department of Justice asked the magistrate to the special master resolves his review of the case in five weeks, so it should be complete by October 17.

    The Justice Department also appealed on Thursday Cannon’s decision in favor of the appointment of the independent expert to supervise the documents seized during the search of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago on August 8.

    Judge Cannon, of the Southern District of Florida, ordered that the expert, still to be appointed, be in charge of reviewing the seized assets, managing the claims of privilege invoked in this regard, making recommendations and evaluating the claims for the return of assets.

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    The Justice Department had previously noted that the appointment of this expert was unnecessarygiven that a team had selected the documents that could be covered by the attorney-client privilege, and that said figure would delay the criminal investigation what the government does

    The FBI search of Mar-a-Lago found classified and secret documents that the former Republican president allegedly took with him when he left the White House in January 2021.

    There were also 90 empty folders labeled “classified” and “return to staff secretary/military assistant,” according to the registry’s inventory, which was released last week.

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    The government appeal requested a partial stay of Cannon’s rulingarguing that a special master should not be allowed to review classified materials, and that investigators should be able to use these confidential materials immediately as part of their investigation.

    The Justice Department also said it plans to file an appeal of the decision with the US Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta.

    Source: La Opinion

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