PoliticsAdam Schiff says Biden may have endangered national security

    Adam Schiff says Biden may have endangered national security

    the democrat representative Adam Schiff is convinced that President Joe Biden may have jeopardized national security by storing classified documents at his home and in the office of the think tank that advises him.

    During a dialogue with journalist Jonathan Karl from ABC News, the 62-year-old politician indicated that the risk of the information contained in the documentation discovered outside the place where it should be kept safe is being evaluated.

    I don’t think we can rule out the possibility without more facts. We have requested an evaluation in the intelligence community of the Mar-a-Lago documents. I think we should get the same assessment of the documents found in the think tank as well as President Biden’s home.“, he pointed.

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    Likewise, Schiff mentioned that he would “reserve judgment” about the position assumed by the nation’s president and his team when reporting on the discovery of documentation that may be sensitive.

    “I would like to know what these documents were. Knowing what the evaluation is, if there was any risk of exposure and what the damage would be and if it is necessary to mitigate it, ”she stressed.

    It is worth mentioning that the White House remained silent about the documents discovered in November until the previous week the Justice Department took it upon itself to make public that it was conducting an investigation into the events.

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    The Biden team’s version is that his personal lawyers discovered the documentation while going through an old storage unit.

    In this regard, Adam Schiff trusts Biden’s version that everything was due to an oversight, which was corrected once it was detected.

    “That the documents were in these places seems to have been unintentional. When discovered, they were immediately turned over to the Archives or the Department of Justice. There was no effort to hold them, no effort to hide them, no effort to obstruct the Justice Department’s investigation. Nonetheless, I think it is appropriate that special counsel investigate both situations,” he said.

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