NewsVIDEO: Kanye West snatches the phone from a woman who was recording...

    VIDEO: Kanye West snatches the phone from a woman who was recording it and throws it into the street

    They report that the rapper has been named a suspect in an assault investigation in connection with the incident.

    The American rapper Ye, better known as Kanye West, was filmed this week grabbing the phone from a woman who was recording it and throwing it in the middle of a road in the US.

    As reported by TMZ, West attended his daughter North’s basketball game and was followed by people who were recording him. In the images circulating on social networks, you can see how the rapper asks a man, who is apparently “paparazzi”, to stop filming him. “I just want to see my kids,” West notes, as the photographer argues that they are in a public place, so he has the right to film it. “It’s called human rights,” West replies before driving away in his car.

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    In addition, another incident was recorded during which West asks a woman to stop recording him. The woman tries to argue that she can film him because he is a celebrity, whereupon West snatches the phone from her and throws it in the street. It is not clear if this woman was a ‘paparazzi’ or a simple admirer.

    Ventura County, California deputies were called to the scene and received video evidence of the incident. According to TMZ sources, Kanye has been named a suspect in an assault investigation.

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    Source: RT

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