NewsVenezuela and Colombia restart their air operations with a flight between Caracas...

    Venezuela and Colombia restart their air operations with a flight between Caracas and Bogota

    The Venezuelan authorities are still expected to authorize the arrival of flights by Colombian airlines from the neighboring country.

    This Monday the air route between Colombia and Venezuela will be reactivated with a charter flight from the Venezuelan company Turpial Airlines, which will depart from the Simon Bolivar International Airport, in Caracas, to the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogota.

    Although the aforementioned airline will cover the itinerary between the two capitals, it is expected that Venezuela will authorize the Colombian state company Satena to cover the route between Bogota and Caracas, in order to reestablish air traffic between the two countries.

    Colombia gave the go-ahead

    Aeronautica Civil de Colombia published last Saturday on its Twitter account that authorized the operation of a charter flight with passengers and cargo from Turpial Airlines, for this Monday, at 5:00 in the afternoon (Venezuela time) with the Caracas-Bogota-Caracas itinerary.

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    In another trill, the Colombian aeronautical authority affirms that it is “waiting for approval“of its Venezuelan counterpart, the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC), to reactivate the Bogota-Caracas-Bogota route, which would initially be covered by the Satena airline.

    “In Colombia we are ready for the reactivation of the binational air operation,” the tweets of the Colombian organization conclude.

    Although Civil Aeronautics has not yet confirmed the resumption of air operations with Venezuela, the Colombian ambassador in Caracas, Armando Benedetti, published last Saturday on his networks that the first Satena flight from his country would take place next Wednesday.

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    “It is a fact! Our state airline Satena is preparing to fly to Caracas this Wednesday, November 9, from Bogota,” the ambassador wrote.

    In his interactions, he also included images with ticket prices and the promotion of the Caracas-Barranquilla itinerary, which would restart operations on November 28.

    Until last Friday, Satena did not offer general information about the restoration of the route, without exact dates on its Twitter account.

    Although the media have previously published information on the airlines of both countries that would be authorized to carry out operations, official information is expected on which ones would have the authorization to carry out flights.

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    The INAC authorized the official inclusion of Colombia in the list of countries approved to carry out regular passenger, cargo and mail flights to Venezuelan territory, two weeks before the official act of reopening the border between the two neighboring nations was held.

    On September 26, Colombia and Venezuela reopened their border crossings after being closed to vehicular and commercial transport for seven years, in a symbolic act at the Simon Bolivar International Bridge with the presence of President Gustavo Petro and Venezuelan authorities.

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    Source: RT

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