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    Will the polls stat revive its history like 2016 or Biden gonna make a clear mark over Trump

    The US is just 5 days away from Presidential election, where the Democrat Joe Biden has taken the steady lead over his Republican counterpart Donald Trump. A lead which shows that the US is going to witness a new President if the same story continues till the US election day. A lot of or we can say maximum polls advocating the fact that Biden is the new face for the next US President, but the question here is do polls are always proved true in case of the US presidential election?

    And if Yes, then the question is why the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton even after leading in polls loses to Donald Trump in 2016? Do the same things and the same outcome may repeat here and again Trump will pass on Biden to win the US Presidential election result?

    Joe Biden leading the poll nationally

    Many of the political analysts say that this time nothing gonna go wrong with Joe Biden unlike Hillary Clinton and he will be winning the Presidency race. The main factor which every analyst is looking over is the lower ration of the undecided vote left in the US election. The numbers say that Joe Biden has 52 per cent of voters turn out in his favour while Trump has 42 per cent. That means Biden has crossed the 50 per cent mark.

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    Can the undecided voters make the difference?

    Looking at the undecided vote percentage, there are just 7 per cent undecided voters, which even if inclined towards Trump, there will be no effect on the outcome. The remaining 7 per cent even if favour Trump rather Biden, the Republican candidate will not be successful in even chasing Biden down and win the race. So, Political analyst is pretty much aware of the fact that the remaining voter turnout or the Undecided vote will cost nothing to change the whole picture.

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    Other than that, the record early voting numbers in the US Presidential election is just amazing. The mail-in-ballot voting has been increased and the early voting percentage has gone past the previous record.

    Coronavirus pandemic issue had affected Trump

    And the early voting predictions are in favour of Biden as the coronavirus issue has hit his election campaign hard. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris team together proved that the way Trump administration has handled the Coronavirus pandemic leads to such a worsened number of deaths and the toll in the US. The US fate of having the highest number of cases and the highest number of deaths is all the outcome of misgovernance by Trump administrations.

    But again, if Biden has to win the Presidency race, first he must win the state race to win the number of the electoral college.

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    Trump and Biden tussle in the battleground states

    However, in the battleground states, Trump and Biden are engaged in a neck to neck fight. Ipsos/Reuters poll tells that there is a tough and tight fight between Trump and Biden in the battleground states like North Carolina, Arizona and the most important one Florida. While Trump due to his sweeping remarks has almost lost Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, which are mainly referred to as the Democrats states.

    Now, the US Presidential election on November 3 will be the D-day when there will be the ultimate test of the polls. It is going to test that the polls confirming Biden’s win is just a myth and Trump again going to capitalize or Trump will fall short and Biden will be the new emerging face in the administration.

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