NewsUSA and CanadaUSA Sets to Open Public Places by next Weekend

    USA Sets to Open Public Places by next Weekend

     The public places remain closed for the past few months due to the severe outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Beaches of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Delaware will be allowed to open at the initial phase. 

    But the further decision depends on the state government and authority if they are prepared to open the beaches. The government looks forward to opening beaches and lakeshores on the outskirts, while still postpones the inside city shores. The decision has been taken with certain restrictions caused due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

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    The large economical collection is from the Jersey shore, a public place with the dense tourist visits that they attempt to re-open by next Friday. According to the state governor of Mr. Murphy, it can be started from Memorial Day weekend as a traditional start, tourists from the nearer state can visit.

    Low rate of hospitalized and ICU cases

    The decision was taken as per a report in abc7ny mentioned about the low rate of hospitalized and ICU cases. It was announced by Governor Andrew that the curve of the coronavirus infection cases has fallen. But the new active cases have increased with the death rate being 132.

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    While all the beaches were not ready to open as per they do not meet the benchmark of agreements and restrictions. 

    New York beaches still not re-open

    As per NewYork.cbslocal news, Mr. Blasio has disappointed the New York government by a big ‘No’ to the opening of the New York beaches. He said the government will not be able to open it safely.

    New York has been the epicenter of coronavirus and so it has put the government to a second thought of immediate re-opening of the public places. While on the other hand, New Jersey received a green signal due to the satisfactorily meeting up with the benchmark of safety. Not only New York but the beaches of Queens are closed, while they begin opening public places in the USA from the New Jersey beaches.

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     The new guidelines for the beaches are opened then wearing a mask is compulsory, no group activities and car parking crowd is reduced to 50 percent.

    Bazezew Zerihun
    Bazezew Zerihun
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