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    US Government To Warn China As Cybersecurity On Danger To Prowl Coronavirus Vaccine Data

    As NY times has reported about the warning that China trying to steal the data of American research on coronavirus. The US continuously is working on the Coronavirus vaccines and treatments now hackers are deployed to hack confidential information from the researches. According to the officials, a draft is prepared as a forthcoming public warning to be announced stating China is illegally seeking valuable intellectual property and public health data. Further also states that non-traditional actors act on cyber thefts which are inflation for researchers and students. US government traces China on the stealing of data from internal and private laboratories.

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    USA government has taken initiative and working on preparing vaccines and treatments on an emergency basis. The warning advisory is going to be initiated by the FBI and the Department of Homeland security.

    Also stated in CBS news that the joint advisory cybersecurity agencies from the US and UK have informed about the illegal acts and hacking of the medical documents and data researches related to coronavirus. Meanwhile, the illegal hacking activities have increased as per private cybersecurity sectors and investigation bureaus of the US government.

    To secure the academic and research data based on the treatment and vaccines. The organization is warned to tighten up the security passwords also add the passcode authentication to resist cyber-attacks.

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    More than ten countries are into illicit act

    Recently the cyber hacking activities have been increasing from Russia, China and North Korea to seek clinical information on coronavirus.

    Further as reported in NDTV that China has denied of any such illicit acts. Zhao Lijian said that China is leading in the world related to treatment and it is immoral to target them without any strong evidence.

    Hackers are trying to access the data with common passwords that are generally used by the health organization and research. Based on the information of the joint advisory of US and UK the health department is warned to use strong security to prevent the hackers to leak the data.

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    In VOA news described Trump’s attack on China as publicly blames to steal the coronavirus research and medicinal documents. It can be a way to blame China about the pandemic that has already killed lots of people worldwide due to lack of investigation and proper medicine implement.

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