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    US formally divorced from the Paris pact, Biden ready for remarriage if voted to power

    One of the world’s leading carbon emitter, the United States is no longer a part of the Paris Climate Change pact. America’s formal exit from the Paris pact was confirmed on Wednesday. Trump is against the pact as he feels it would hamper American industries and lead to large scale job losses.

    The pact aims to limit global warming to a certain threshold beyond which it will lead to disastrous consequences. As Trump’s decision materialises, The United States becomes the only signatory to withdraw from the global pact.

    Now, an air of uncertainty looms large over the scope of the pact in the United States. Its future depends upon the US presidential election results. While Trump is strictly opposed to the Paris pact, Biden has shown the resolve to join the pact if voted to power.

    Why Trump is against the pact?

    Donald Trump expressed his intent some three years back to withdraw the US from the Paris accord which aims to limit global warming below two degree Celsius. Last year, he made a formal announcement to withdraw from the accord. The pact mandates a year-long wait for countries that exit. The year for the US ended on Wednesday.

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    Trump’s line of argument is based on the economic aspect. He claims that the Paris accord is not good for the US economy. It will lead to a loss of around 2.5 million jobs by the end of 2025. Besides, he blames that the accord will provide undue leverage to countries like India and China. He says it will disrupt the balance of power in the global world.

    What’s ahead?

    Trump has made its stance clear that the United States will not consider the pact under his presidency. He has, however, left the door for renegotiation open if it could address the problem of US industries. Till then, the US is left with an observer’s status. It can still participate in the negotiations of the pact with this status. It can also offer its opinions in the proceedings of the Paris Climate Change pact.

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    Now, what’s next? The United States is the top emitter of carbon dioxide after China. Any global pact on Climate Change is incomplete without its active involvement. The future of United States participation in the pact is now totally dependent on the results of US elections 2020. The global fraternity which is sensitive towards climate change and the environment is having a close eye at the election results. On the other side of the bar, it could be Biden who sounds exceedingly ambitious in his resolve to tackle climate change.

    What to expect from Biden?

    As Biden has promised, he will rejoin the Paris Climate Change pact after his inauguration and make the United States a leading player in the global mission to prevent climate change. Rejoining the pact is a slightly tedious process. It will take around six months.

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    The ultimate aim of Biden’s climate change policy is to bring down carbon emissions to zero levels by the year 2050. Trump has backlashed against him saying that he will eat up jobs, particularly in oil-producing states like Pennsylvania.

    Biden’s ambition is also challenged by analysts and critics. They have outright questioned the plausibility of his policy, saying he may not hit the mark. Republicans termed his policy to be exceedingly expensive. As Vice President, Mike Pence puts it, it is a $2 trillion version of the Green New Deal.

    Whether or not his policies meet their end, it is the starkly different version he is offering from Trump is that matters. He has shown the intent to tackle it and is firm in his resolve. That’s what the world is looking for!

    Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson
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