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    Trump, master of the deflector is the ‘king of chaos’ said Cohen his former teammate

    US President Donald Trump since attaining the power of the world’s strongest nation head is said to be very vocal. Once again his zeal of being vocal brought US political arena into a different debate. The calmness during the whole election process has been vanished on both the sides whether it is his rival Democrats or his allies Republicans. Trump denial for a peaceful transfer of power if he loses to Biden and his stubborn attitude created a mess in US election polls.

    Trump on the second consecutive day during campaigning repeated the same statement that he will not allow soft transition of power so easily if he loses to Biden. The Hippocratic statement from the American President not only irritated and baffled his allies Republicans but also provoked his supporters to think over again and again. It is also said in many polls that this stand of stubbornness and pushing the nation into a violent environment may deepen the gap between his supporters and hence Biden will easily make points over Trump at last.

    • Trump not going to allow a peaceful transition of power said, Cohen

    President’s former personal attorney and the author of ‘Disloyal’ Michael Cohen told CNN in a one to one talk that he had predicted it very earlier while working with him. Last year on February 27, 2019, Michael Cohen on Capital hill told that indeed while working with Mr Trump, I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, then there will never be the peaceful transition of power.”

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    Michael Cohen also told CNN that it is predictable for me as I have worked with Trump very closely. From the very beginning, he laid the foundation of arguments that he is going to challenge the validity of ballots in Supreme Court. He is just playing a game in which he supposed to challenging the mal-system to which he keeps terming voter-fraud.” He is the master of Deflector said Cohen in that interview to CNN.

    Not only Michael Cohen but also many of the strategist and analyst believe that US President trying to waive a new theory of voter fraud. Trying to give a different projection to US election polls when the whole nation is just 38 days away from voting on November 3.

    • Free and fair election, For all or trump

    Senator Ben Sasse a Republican from Nebraska said that ”The President says crazy kinds of stuff. We have always had a peaceful transition of power, and believe me it’s not going to change.” However, the election campaign team and his allies do not appear to be defending him over his reckless statement but putting forward the vague arguments as they will only accept the election results if it will be a free and fair election. The question here arises that free and fair election but according to whom? Is that particular man who feels this is President Donald Trump or whether they will only believe in the free and fair election if Trump wins it.

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    Donald Trump is circulating a message through his campaign to different constituencies that there is the only way Democrats in the election is fraud-voting. Trump’s bullheadedness attitude not only costing a political ruckus but also worried Pentagon.

    • Republicans blind support to Trump over fraud-voting

    Senator of Indiana Mike Braun said to Politico that, he stokes the fire sometimes. If you took it seriously, it can have an alarming effect. And I don’t think that that’s the case. But the problem here is that the ‘king of chaos’ or we can say ‘master of deflection’ as said by Michale Cohen is succeeding in setting the narratives before final polls on November 3. Republican’s supporters are believing the fact that there is only way, Democrats or we can say Biden is going to win elections when the election will be rigged. The voters are targeting te ballot system with the very same arguments which Trump is setting as a narrative.

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    Meanwhile, President Trump’s own FBI director Chris way not believe that there is any fact about US election rigging. He said that Americans must have confidence in our voting system and our infrastructures. We have not seen historically, any kind of coordinated voters-fraud in any major elections.”

    The situation is alarming. As, when US President Donald Trump will be successful in establishing this narrative into the minds of his supporter, it will be easy for him to take the driver seat and take the country to a disastrous phase. The blind faith over Donald Trump will once lead to a dark age for the majority. Now, it will be interesting to see whether Trump new move will cost him or will cost to the whole US.

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