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    Supreme Court won’t stop New York prosecutors from accessing Donald Trump’s tax returns

    The court took months to act on this case.

    Washington – The Supreme Court on Monday refused to overturn a ruling ordering Donald Trump to turn over his tax returns to the New York state attorney general’s office, dealing a major blow to the former president.

    The court’s action is the apparent culmination of a long legal battle that had already reached the high court once before.

    Trump’s tax returns are not supposed to be made public as part of the prosecutor’s criminal investigation, but the high court’s action is a blow to Trump because for so long he has fought on many fronts to keep his tax records protected. The ongoing investigation of which the records are a part could also become a problem for Trump in his life after the presidency. Trump has called it “a fishing expedition” and “a continuation of the witch hunt, the biggest witch hunt in history.”

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    The Supreme Court waited months to act on the case. The last of the written briefs in the case was filed on October 19. But a court that includes three Trump appointees waited until the election, Trump’s challenge to his defeat and a month after Trump left office before issuing its order.

    The court offered no explanation for the delay, and the legal issue before the justices did not involve whether Trump owed any special deference for being president.

    The court’s order is a victory for Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr, who has been seeking Trump’s tax records since 2019 as part of an investigation.

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