PoliticsMaster of Deflector tries hard but his case against Biden-Ukraine ties lacks...

    Master of Deflector tries hard but his case against Biden-Ukraine ties lacks merit

    With only twenty days to go in US presidential elections, Trump has decided to discredit his Democrat rival Joe Biden and his family members in the eyes of the public. Trump has always alleged collusion between Bidens and Ukraine to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. His approach has gone more predatory in the final stage of election campaigning, launching a fierce attack on Biden’s family.

    The allegations stemmed out from a Tabloid newspaper, New York Post’s article. Tabloid’s story is based on evidence provided by Trump’s close aides. The authenticity of evidence is not yet verified.

    The legal case can be subsided or pushed further on the merit of investigation over some time. But the primary purpose of Trump is to project Biden as a corrupt candidate ahead of the Election Day. It is unsure whether the purpose will be served or not.


    The controversy dates back to 2014. Joe Biden’s younger son, Hunter Biden joined a gas company in Burisma, Ukraine as a board member. Biden was American vice president in the Obama administration. He was playing the front lead in the handling of foreign affairs with Ukraine. During his tenure, he pressed for firing of a top prosecutor.

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    The New York Post story alleged that Biden has insisted to fire the prosecutor because he was investigating against the Burisma gas company. The tabloid’s story posted an email sent by a top board member, Vadym Pozharskyi to Hunter Biden. In the message, the board member has expressed gratitude towards Hunter for arranging a meet between him and Biden.

    Biden’s campaign managers have denied that Biden ever met Vadym. It would simply mean a counter-claim that the email was a case of forgery. Many things now depend on the authenticity of the email, which has its own history.

    Who are the real theorists?

    The 2015 email was retrieved from the hard drive of a computer which was left unclaimed at a repair shop in Delaware by its owner in 2019. He never returned to take his laptop back. The owner of the shop is uncertain whether the laptop was of Hunter Biden or not.

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    They retrieved the data from its hard drive and handed it to the lawyer of Rudy Giuliani, who is fiercely aggravating his theory of Ukrainian interference against Bidens. Giuliani sent a copy of hard drive to The New York Post, which is running stories against Biden.

    There is evidence of the involvement of another Trump aide in the origin of the tabloid’s story. The New York Post said Steve Bannon told them about the hard drive first.

    Is the email authentic? Will it affect Biden?

    After reading the email, disinformation experts suspect that the email can be a case of forgery. They say it is quite common to forge authentic content with fake ones.

    What makes the authenticity of the email more dubious is that it is not clear whether the laptop belongs to Biden or not. Political analysts said that allegations against Biden might just be a part of Trump’s political campaign.

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    There is not much in the email that should worry Bidens. Its wording is vague and does not prove that Biden met Vadym. Even if he met him, it may be a normal course of the meeting. But if the authenticity is proved then it will affect Biden because his campaign has persistently offered outright denials.

    There is not much merit in The New York Post article. Social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are removing such content from their platforms because they are already facing flak over their role as political manipulators.

    The election campaign has brought serious issues like the pandemic and racial discrimination in the spotlight. Voter’s life is directly affected by these issues. It is uncertain whether Trump’s push to the new agenda against Biden’s involvement in Ukrainian interference will grab public attention. More so, because claims stand unverified.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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