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    First presidential debate: Trump filled the pot with pebbles, will it help the thirsty crow?

    Not so ‘Presidential debate’; the saga of mockery, allegations and blunt denials

    The first US presidential debate of the 2020 election has hit a new low. It was way below the presidential standards. President Donald Trump vomited venom as he flooded the hall with personal attacks and mockery against former Vice President, Joe Biden. Trump barely let him speak.

    It was Biden who ought to have targeted the incumbent Trump but he had to walk a tightrope, defending himself with smiles and gentle denials. He lost temper at times, throwing sharp attack at Trump. But largely, he chose silence as a weapon to nullify Trump’s attempt to avert poll predictions, where he Is ahead of Trump.

    Trump went beyond his lowest parameters to ensure his dominance in the debate. He attacked his rival with baseless personal attacks and misleading remarks. Trump was mostly inaccurate and at times floated outright lies. It was evident that he was pulling down curtains on his failures, hoping to protect and prosper his vote base.

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    Defiance and denial on white supremacy, SC nomination and environmental issues

    Trump bluntly denied saying something against white supremacy. When Biden pointed out towards a far-right group of White, Proud Boys, Trump said that the group holds relevance in dealing with Antifa and left.

    Biden expressed his reservation whether Trump was right in nominating Supreme Court Justice a month before the election. Trump simply said he has won the election and has the right to so, brushing aside the wider debate around the country. Trump also tried to escape from the debate on important policy issues like climate change. President capped the issue by saying they are planting billions of trees.

    Trump was simply trying to prevent the debate from hitting his vulnerabilities.

    Personal attack in response to pandemic questions

    Most parts of the 90-minute debate were about making bitter personal remarks on each other. Trump turned critical questions on pandemic handling and health into a personal jibe.

    On the issue of pandemic handling, President mocked Biden saying he was wearing the biggest mask he has ever seen. Trump was never serious about the pandemic. He previously dismisses COVID 19 as a farce. The pandemic didn’t stop him from holding massive rallies. When Biden confronted this, he mocked him back saying that Biden would have done the same if he could get the crowds.

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    President Donald Trump reached the height of insensitivity as he mocked Biden’s deceased soldier son, Beau. He refused to recognise him saying he knew Hunter Biden instead. Trump was referring to Biden’s another son who is battling to fight drug addiction. He also attacked Biden on ideological lines terming him to be socialist.

    Biden was allowed to speak less but he made those chances in reciprocating sharp personal attacks against Trump. He said that Trump is a fool and “the worst President America has ever seen”

    Inaccurate, misleading remarks on electoral fraud and health

    Trump defied shreds of evidence floated by Chris Wallace and Joe Biden in support of mail-in ballots. He reiterated his claim of fraudulent election mechanism. This is part of Trump’s plot to create uncertainty around election results as he sees the matter to end in court.

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    He went contrary to his health advisors, putting the false claim that the coronavirus vaccine was imminent. He also dismissed that his political advisor, Kellyanne Conway termed the riots to be useful to his campaign. Something that she did openly.

    Biden recalled an incident when Trump said that injecting disinfectants could help fighting coronavirus. Trump dismissed his remark as sarcasm. He also contradicted FBI director, Christopher Wray on several security issues.

    The first presidential debate of the 2020 election was vigorous. Trump knew he was defenceless on many issues. He filled the debate time with baseless allegations and blunt denials. Joe Biden and Chris Wallace had very little option to contain him. The debate was ugly in appearance. It remains to be seen if it makes things fair for Trump!

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