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    China furiously accuses the US of Pompeo’s constant attacks

    The third phase of two-plus-two dialogue between India and the US was held in New Delhi on Tuesday. In this, several important agreements were agreed between the two countries. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the defense minister, Mark Spencer, came to India for the talks. Mike Pompeo had targeted China over China’s attitude and its policy of expansionism and said that India is not alone in the matter of border dispute with China. On other agreements too, the US assured to walk shoulder to shoulder with India. Pompeo also visited the War Memorial to pay tribute to the martyred soldiers in the Galvan Valley. Both US heads of state visited Sri Lanka on October 28 after a visit to India where Pompeo called China’s Communist government a violent animal.

    Sri Lankan president’s explanation

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while attacking China in Sri Lanka, called the Communist government there a violent animal. The Chinese embassy then objected to this. The Chinese embassy said that Sri Lanka and China are capable enough to move forward on mutual relations, and we do not need the advice of any third country.

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    Sri Lanka appeared very uneasy about Mike Pompeo’s remarks and President Gotabaya Rajapaksha finally decided to clarify. Sri Lankan President Rajapaksha tagged Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo with his official tweet, writing that Sri Lanka has always taken a neutral stance in its foreign policy and we will never get involved in a confrontation with powerful countries.

    Dragon fires

    Objections have started coming from China on Pompeo’s India and Sri Lanka tour and his comments. At first, the Chinese Embassy in India objected to his statements. After that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry targeted fiercely at Mike Pompeo.

    First of all, China has completely rejected the mediation of the third country and said that visiting any country should be respected and beneficial and not to increase any problem.

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the US Secretary of State is repeatedly repeating the same lie and violating international relations standards. The border dispute with India is a bilateral issue and there is no room for any third-party intervention. America should not involve itself in the India-China border dispute.

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    A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, “I want to make it clear that the border dispute is a matter of India and China. There is no place for arbitration of any third country. Right now the situation on the border is stable and India and China are trying to solve the problem through talks. America is trying to give vent to the cold war mentality and confrontation between the two countries.”

    China accused that the US is trying to put feet in different groups. This year the Chinese government has managed to win the battle of Covid-19, on the other hand, the US government has failed. Now America has started defending himself by accusing China of Covid-19’s failure. America has always been busy accusing others rather than solving its problems. To hide its failure, America wants to shift its problems elsewhere.

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    India and China are scheduled to hold eight-phase talks at the core commander level to reduce tension on the outskirts of Ladakh, yet the status quo at the border has not been restored. The atmosphere is still not good on the Line of Actual Control. After several months the status has not been restored.

    In such a situation, the arrival of the US Secretary of State on an Indian visit and taking China on his target is a very disturbing issue for China. Mike Pompeo’s attitude looked stern against China. He targeted China’s communist government and said that China has nothing to do with democracy, law, transparency, freedom, and stability in the region. America will always stand with the people of India in the event of an attack on sovereignty and independence.

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