NewsThey capture an "exceptional cosmic explosion" caused by the birth of a...

    They capture an “exceptional cosmic explosion” caused by the birth of a black hole

    The phenomenon occurred in the constellation of Sagitta, about 1.9 billion light years from Earth.

    NASA’s Swift and Fermi missions detected an unusual cosmic explosion. It is an unusually bright and long-lasting pulse of high-energy radiation that passed through the Earth from a gamma-ray burst, considered one of the most luminous events known.

    According to the space agency, a burst of X-rays and gamma rays passed through the solar system on October 9, activating the detectors on board the Fermi gamma-ray space telescope and Neil Gehrels’ Swift observatory, so telescopes around the world pointed to the energy source.

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    As detailed by NASA, the explosion, called GRB 221009ª, originated in the constellation of Sagitta, located about 1,900 million light years from our planet. At the moment, astronomers estimate that it is the result of a new black hole, caused by a massive star that collapsed under its own weight.

    They capture an "exceptional cosmic explosion" caused by the birth of a black hole

    When a black hole is born, experts explain, it drives powerful jets of particles that travel at a speed close to the speed of light and emit X and gamma rays as they go out into space.

    The light produced by this explosion, the researchers point out, provides new insights into stellar collapse and the birth of a black hole, as well as the behavior of matter when traveling at speeds close to the speed of light.

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    Source: RT

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