NewsThe Senate of Argentina begins the debate with a view to expanding...

    The Senate of Argentina begins the debate with a view to expanding the Supreme Court

    The Senate of Argentina begins the debate with a view to expanding the Supreme Court

    The Frente de Todos achieved the necessary quorum to launch the debate on the law that proposes to increase the number of members of the highest court to 15. The opposition accuses Kirchnerism of seeking “impunity.”

    The Senate of Argentina began a debate on Thursday in which it is proposed to increase the number of members of the Supreme Court of Justice from 5 to 15, through a bill presented by the ruling party.

    The session began amid criticism from the opposition, which considers that the initiative seeks “impunity” in various causes that compromise Kirchnerism, and without the presence of the vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, head of the upper house.

    The ruling party was able to reach the necessary quorum for the treatment of the project, which required a minimum of 37 occupied seats, despite the fact that the Together for Change bloc (macrismo) was absent from the venue.

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    Initially, the official proposal was to achieve the designation of 25 judges. However, after legislative negotiations, the project was modified and the number was reduced to 15.

    Although approval is expected in the Senate, in what is also called giving the initiative ‘half sanction’, it is unlikely that it will later reach the necessary votes to be endorsed in the Chamber of Deputies, where the ruling party has less back.

    Prior to the debate, the head of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and possible candidate for the Presidency for Together for Change, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, rejected the proposal and assured that “There will be no reform of the Court and there will be no impunity.”

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    “Although in the Senate they can get the numbers to expand it, as they did before with the law of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and that of the Council of the Magistracy, once again we are going to stop them in deputies,” he said through Twitter.

    The US Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (Amcham) also ratified its rejection to the expansion of the Supreme Court of Justice, emphasizing his “concern” for the “independence of the Judiciary.”

    The idea of ​​modifying the Court, as well as other components of the Judiciary, has the full support of the President of the Nation, Alberto Fernandez, who stated that “Justice needs a deep and democratic reform”.

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    This was stated when he endorsed a statement published in July by the two-time president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. In that text, entitled “Brief Chronicle of Decadence,” the current vice president recalled that former president Mauricio Macri, four days after taking office, in December 2015, appointed by decree two judges of his choice, Horacio Rosatti and Carlos Rosenkrantz, who, in turn, “accepted to be designated in that way, violating the very Constitution that they should respect and make all citizens respect.”

    At that time, due to the death of one of its members and the resignation of another, the highest court had only three judges: Ricardo Lorenzetti, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Elena Highton de Nolasco, who resigned in 2021.

    Source: RT

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