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    “The man who knew how to establish a constructive dialogue with the West”: a political scientist values ​​Gorbachev’s legacy

    Alejandro Laurnagaray de Urquiza stresses that the last Soviet president sought to put an end to the rivalry between the USSR and the West in the context of deep tensions.

    The first and last president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, who died this Tuesday at the age of 91, is perceived by the international community “as a pacifist, as someone who was able to stop or stop or disarm that arms race that had been going on for decades.” highlights the Argentine political scientist Alejandro Laurnagaray de Urquiza.

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    In comments for RT, Laurnagaray de Urquiza points out that “it was necessary to accelerate that relaxationbetween the USSR and the West, because “the world had to get out of this situation of mutual assured destruction“.

    “That earned him and will continue to earn him recognition throughout the remaining history of this humanity as the man who knew how to enter into a constructive dialogue with the West, mainly with the other great nuclear power, with the United States, to lower tensions a little at a time when within the Soviet Union there were also growing tensions between the most reformist sector, led by Boris Yeltsin, and the most conservative sector that wanted to maintain traditional institutions”, he indicates.

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    In these circumstances, “Gorbachev wanted to go down a middle lane” and “maintain the geopolitical strength” of the country, but he also sought to “exercise and promote these reforms with perestroika,” continues Laurnagaray de Urquiza.

    • Gorbachev died Tuesday night at the age of 91. The Russian Central Clinical Hospital reported that the former president died “after a long and serious illness.”

    Source: RT

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