NewsRussia will help Africa after suspending grain deal with Ukraine

    Russia will help Africa after suspending grain deal with Ukraine

    Russia will help Africa after suspending grain deal with Ukraine

    According to the Russian deputy foreign minister, African nations “perfectly understand” his country’s position regarding the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain.

    Russia is in contact with the leaders of many African states and will continue to help these countries after interrupting its participation in the Ukrainian grain evacuation agreement, RIA Novosti reports, citing Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. Moscow suspended its intervention in the aforementioned agreement “indefinitely” after the massive attack launched on October 29 against its ships.

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    “Of course, we are in contact with the leaders of many countries, especially, of course, the Africans that need support in the supply of food and fertilizers. We have those contacts and many others to make,” said the deputy minister. The diplomat also stated that Russia “will help as much as possible” to these countries in the midst of the suspension of their participation in the grain export agreement.

    According to Bogdanov, the African nations “perfectly understand” the current situation and the Russian position regarding the pact. “They have information, contacts, our embassies are working very actively. Here in Moscow, the African ambassadors they visit us all the timewe regularly tell them everything,” said the senior official.

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    Russia accused Ukraine in the UN of using the humanitarian corridor, created with the aim of exporting cereals within the grain agreement, to cover up attack against Russian ships in Sevastopol. The spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajarova, also indicated that the kyiv regime frustrated the agreement led by the United Kingdom.

    Source: RT

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