NewsRussia could modify its grain supply plan abroad

    Russia could modify its grain supply plan abroad

    The anti-Russian sanctions and the climatic conditions endanger the grain deliveries foreseen in the state plans.

    The Russian Minister of Agriculture, Dmitri Patrushev, stated this Friday that Russia may have to revise downwards its plans to export cereals abroad due to a series of problems, such as unfavorable weather conditions recorded this summer in various regions of Russia, reported the official account of the ministry on Telegram.

    According to Patrushev, harvests take place in all regions and around 55 million tons of grain have already been picked up. This year’s yield is good, although lower than the previous year, as agricultural work started later due to the not very hot summer and some regions suffering from adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains and strong winds, the authorities explain.

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    In addition, the sanctions activated by Western countries complicate the transfer of foreign parts for machinery used in agricultural work, which is now under additional load.

    According to Patrushev, Russia can fully supply its domestic market, although “if the planned volumes are not reached”, the export plans of 50 million tons will have to be revised.

    The situation in world wheat markets is not easy. Amid drought affecting the US and European countries, floods in Australia and unfavorable weather conditions in India, world wheat supply and grain quality will decreasePatrushev considers. This situation could lead to serious risks for world food security.

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    The minister urged workers in the sector to do everything possible to guarantee a quality harvest on time and to intensify preparations for next year’s field work.

    Source: RT

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