NewsRoger Waters writes an open letter to Putin

    Roger Waters writes an open letter to Putin

    Earlier this month, the former Pink Floyd also addressed Ukraine’s first lady, Yelena Zelenskaya.

    Legendary Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters, in an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin, has urged him to ensure that Moscow does not plan any territorial expansion beyond Donbass and Crimea and to promise “not to invade” any other country. .

    In the letter published on a social network, the musician points out that if Putin confirms that he is seeking an end to the conflict -something that the Russian president has repeatedly stated-, “this would immediately make things easier”, just as it would if he guaranteed that “Russia has no major territorial interest that the security of the Russian-speaking populations of Crimea [y de las republicas populares de] Donetsk and Lugansk”.

    Roger Waters accuses Poland of "censoring" him for his stance on the conflict in Ukraine

    These guarantees -said the singer, bassist and composer- are necessary to persuade some acquaintances who think that Moscow “wants to invade all of Europestarting with Poland and the rest of the Baltic countries”.

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    Should Russia have territorial ambitions that go beyond eastern Ukraine, a seemingly excited Waters suggests that “we could stop playing the extremely dangerous game of nuclear chicken that hawks on both sides of the Atlantic seem to feel comfortable with.” so comfortable and get down to work”.

    “Yes, just reduce us each other and the world to ashes“, he explained.

    It is not known whether the referendums on joining Russia, which in addition to being held in the two republics of the donbasswere carried out in the regions of Kherson Y Zaporozhye between September 23 and 27, fit into Waters’s proposal.

    The fact that NATO and the US can “invade other sovereign countries at the drop of a hat, or for a few barrels of oil“, does not mean that Russia should behave in the same way, he opined.

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    “If you would reply to me, I would respect you immensely for it and take it as an honorable move in the right direction towards a sustainable peace,” Waters wrote to Putin.

    Exchange with Yelena Zelenskaya

    Earlier this month, the former Pink Floyd also addressed Ukraine’s first lady, Yelena Zelenskaya, urging her to help him “convince our leaders to stop the slaughter.”

    The musician doubted that the words of the first lady of Ukraine, pronounced in a recent interview with the BBC referring to the West having to increase military support for kyiv, were fair because “add fuel, in the form of weapons, to the fire“It never worked as a remedy to prevent the escalation of conflicts.

    To resolve the confrontation, Waters proposed to President Zelensky not to depend on the West and to “find a different route” that could lie in “the good intentions” that the Ukrainian president himself expressed in 2019, when he was a presidential candidate. Among them, the promises to “end the civil war in eastern Ukraine”, guarantee “partial autonomy for Donetsk and Lugansk” and “ratify the Minsk agreements”.

    Roger Waters writes a letter to Zelensky's wife

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    However, he pointed out that “certain political factions in kyiv”, who did not want the fulfillment of these promises, made Zelensky “diametrically change the political course ignoring the popular mandate”. Thus, the Zelensky government is characterized by “totalitarian and undemocratic rejections of the will of the Ukrainian people” and the power of “the forces of extreme nationalism“.

    Zelenskaya answered the musician on Twitter, blaming Russia for “invading” Ukraine.

    Later, Roger replied that the alternative he proposes is not surrender, but rather a diplomatic solution to the confrontation. He recalled that, two months into the conflict, said agreement was on the table. “It was in Istanbul, right? What happened? You were very close to a ceasefire. I can smell Washington’s interference,” he wrote.

    Source: RT

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