NewsPentagon Reportedly Taking 'Call of Duty' Seriously to Recruit Young Americans

    Pentagon Reportedly Taking ‘Call of Duty’ Seriously to Recruit Young Americans

    Pentagon Reportedly Taking 'Call of Duty' Seriously to Recruit Young Americans

    According to internal documents, obtained by VICE, the US Army has set out to sponsor YouTube and Twitch influencers and video game competitions.

    The US Department of Defense has used millions of dollars to sponsor video game broadcasters, particularly those of ‘Call of Duty’, as well as their competitions, in order to attract and recruit young Americans for the Army , reports VICE this Thursday. First of all, the project is focused on attracting women, African Americans and Hispanics.

    According to internal Pentagon documents, the ‘Call of Duty’ video game has been perceived as a useful tool for recruiting young people and increasing sympathy for the US Army. For this purpose, Pentagon analysts proposed to interact with ‘influencers’ from the Twitch platform to “create original video content that shows a wide range of the skills offered by the Army” and “familiarize [sus] fans with the values ​​and opportunities” offered by the US Armed Forces. All of this includes sponsorship of video game tournaments.

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    In detail, the Pentagon would be about to allocate a million dollars to a cyber sports tournament organized by Twitch and its affiliate HBCU Showdown. In addition, $750,000 went towards the official ‘Call of Duty’ tournament, while another $200,000 went towards developing the mobile version of that game. Likewise, it would contemplate paying several video game broadcasters with a large number of followers, also focused on ‘Call of Duty’. They include vloggers like Stonemountain64, with 2.32 million subscribers, and Swagg, whose audience reaches 2.66 million.

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    The US Army declined to comment on these matters. Meanwhile, VICE points out that the Armed Forces. Americans face difficulties recruiting young people, due to covid-19 but above all due to changes in the perception of the Army.

    Source: RT

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