NewsPakistanPakistan: PM Imran Khan condemns encouragement of Islamophobia by French President

    Pakistan: PM Imran Khan condemns encouragement of Islamophobia by French President

    Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said the world doesn’t need any more polarization, he tweeted

    Islamabad, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan On Sunday took to Twitter, he condemned the encouragement of Islamophobia by Emmanuel Macron, the president of France.

    He said that the French President had sought to “deliberately provoke” the sentiments of Muslims, including citizens of his own country, France.

    He tweeted in a series that the indication of a leader is that he unites people, like Nelson Mandela who united the people of South Africa.

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    He said that this was a moment when President Macron could have healed and denied space to extremists rather than promoting further polarization and marginalization that inevitably leads to radicalization.

    Imran Khan said that President Macron could have resolved the issue by admonition of terrorists may they Muslims, Nazis ideologists, or White supremacists instead of attacking Muslims.
    The tweet was in response to a statement made French President promising that he will not give up cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him.

    Frances President also made a point that Samuel Patty, a teacher who was beheaded for showing cartoon sketches of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him, was “killed by Islamists who are after our future”.

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    Imran Khan said that public statements based on ignorance will promote hate and extremism.

    He said that the world doesn’t need anymore polarization, French President’s statement regarding Muslims and attacking Islam, without even understanding Islam has hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims in Europe and across the globe.

    Pakistan’s Minister for planning also tweeted that insulting Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him under the excuse of freedom of expression is pure hypocrisy.

    He elaborated in a tweet that 16 European countries penalize the denial of the Holocaust of Jews.

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    He said to insult the United Kingdom monarch and its ancestors are deemed as a criminal offense, Freedom of expression is not without limits. Respecting other religions sentiments while undermining the sentiments of Muslims is commendable.

    On Saturday the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called out Macron on his policies towards Muslims.

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    Addisie Arega
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