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    Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of supplying weapons used by Houthis in Ras Tanura attack

    Saudi Colonel Turki al Maliki, spokesman for the Saudi-led international coalition for the war in Yemen, has accused Iran of supplying the Huthis with the weaponry used in the attack on oil facilities in the port of Ras Tanura last Sunday.

    In an appearance on Monday, Al Maliki has pointed out that since the beginning of the fighting in Yemen (at the end of 2014) the Saudi Army and its partners have intercepted 353 ballistic missiles, 550 drones and 62 explosive boats of the Huthis.

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    The colonel assured that the rebels “do not respect international law”, according to Al Arabiya.

    In the face of these attacks, the Saudi military said that the country has the capacity to “protect Saudi economic facilities” and assures that the country’s forces have “the ability to intercept threats by air and missiles”.

    Last Sunday, a rebel drone attacked the Ras Tanura oil facility and later the Huthis launched a ballistic missile at a neighborhood where thousands of Aramco oil company employees live, according to Saudi Arabia, which said the attacks did not cause any damage to property or personal injury.

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    Over the past month, the Huthis have intensified their operations against Saudi Arabia and on the ground, tightening their grip on Marib province.

    In this particular operation, a Huthi military spokesman, Yehia Serae, claimed that 14 drones and eight ballistic missiles were used, and warned of more “painful” military operations on Saudi territory.

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