NewsMiddle EastIsrael cancels parliament session after lawmaker’s infection with Coronavirus

    Israel cancels parliament session after lawmaker’s infection with Coronavirus

    The outbreak of coronavirus is a serious challenge which forced global economies to shut down for about 2 months since there were no proven solutions and the mortality was really high. 

    While several countries are beginning to support the research and development of cutting edge strategies for managing the situation, some others have eased their lockdown and they are beginning to reopen their economies.

    According to Arab News, Israel on Thursday suspended parliament sessions after a legislator tested positive for coronavirus amid growing concerns about newer outbreaks in the country.

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    All non-essential Knesset staff have been instructed to work from home, and all of Thursday’s committee meetings rescheduled indefinitely until a panel report is published about the spread of the virus within Israel.

    Shehadeh, a member of the Arab Joint List party, said in a Twitter post on Wednesday night that anyone who had been in his immediate vicinity should self-isolate and seek immediate medical attention.

    Shehadeh said the virus was still active in Israel, and a return to pre pandemic life without due diligence might lead to an increase in the spread of the virus.

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     The Knesset Director-General was expected to have a meeting with Health Ministry representatives to discuss the practical way forward pretty soon.

    Also according to the media, Shehadeh’s driver had previously been diagnosed with coronavirus.

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    Israel swiftly responded to the coronavirus crisis with tough measures. And so far, the pandemic has been relatively controllable in the country compared with the high incidence in other countries such as Italy, Brazil and some others around the world.

    Although the Education Ministry did not immediately confirm the assertion that since Israeli schools reopened last month there have been some grown children infecting others despite many adopting precautionary measures, Israeli media reported on Thursday that about 42 schools had been shut down over new outbreaks.

    Al Jazeera also reports that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister, declared in a statement on Wednesday that any educational institution which records any morbidity would be shut indefinitely, adding that school staff would continue devising means for protecting as well as distancing students from one another.

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    In the light of MP Shahadeh contracting the coronavirus, all Knesset workers have been ordered to stay away from the parliament, if the services they offer do not come under the ‘essential category’.

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    The statement from the Israeli parliament asserted that in addition, all the ramifications would be examined, while all committee previously scheduled meetings have been postponed until further notice.

    Shahadeh a Jaffa resident, informed Public Radio that he had met thousands of people in the past couple of days, including during demonstrations, as well as in all parts of the Knesset.

    The politician alongside some other members of the Joint List had visited the East Jerusalem Mourning Tent in honor of Iyad Hallak, a 32-year old Palestinian who was gunned down by Israeli police on Saturday when they erroneously assumed he was bearing a firearm.

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    The Statesman reports that Shahadeh said he was feeling great after being presented with the positive test result on Wednesday evening.

    Allowing only a very few persons offering essential services in the parliament comes as Israeli authorities have started recording a resurgence in the incidence of persons testing positive for the coronavirus, after the reopening of schools and businesses in May.

    Israel has so far identified 17,300 infections with over 290 deaths in a population of 9 million.

    Recently, 51 schools have been shut down after it was reported that staff and over 260 pupils tested positive after a coronavirus test.

    According to the Education Ministry, almost 8,000 people have been isolated after they had some bit of exposure to coronavirus.

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