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    López Obrador acknowledges that there were “violations, hauling, vote induction” in an internal election of the Morena party

    During the internal election of the ruling party, irregularities and acts of violence were registered, in a key process to elect the next presidential candidate of the lopezobradorista bloc.

    The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, considered this Monday that the ruling Morena party should improve its internal processes, after acts of violence were recorded during a primary election.

    “There is disagreement, we must improve these processes more and more so that there are no violations, hauls, vote induction. And there was still that type of practice, but in very few boxes, it was not generalized, it is not as the opponents, the conservatives would have wanted,” said the president during his usual press conference.

    Morena held elections throughout the country to elect 3,000 district coordinatorskey figures to constitute the next National Council of the match. The result of the votes will also show a new register of affiliates.

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    This election is key to defining the candidacies in 2024, including Morena’s candidate for the presidential election, which until now are disputed between three main figures: Claudia Sheinbaum, head of the Government of Mexico City; Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and Adán Augusto López, head of the Ministry of the Interior.

    During the vote, acts of violence and irregularities were recorded in various states of the country such as Veracruz, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Mexico City, the State of Mexico, Sonora, Tamaulipas, Hidalgo and Durango.

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    The Morena leadership accused opposition groups of wanting to destabilize the internal election, while right-wing parties such as the PAN assured that these types of practices are an example of the democracy promoted by the ruling party.

    In this sense, President López Obrador considered that the existence of political parties depends on the existence of people who fight for ideals and ethical principles.

    “If there are no ideals, if there are no principles, no party lasts because everything is pragmatism, the struggle for power, it is ‘you take off because I want’, is to succeed at all costs without moral scruples, is buying votes, threatening, conditioning support, falsifying minutes, stuffing ballot boxes because there are no ideals, no principles. Truly honest people are not going to do that,” the president said.

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    Source: RT

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