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    Kenya: The DP Ruto holds a ‘hustler’meeting after failing to attend the Covid-19 confrence

    A day after the Deputy President William Ruto failed to show up for the Covid-19 conference, he was spotted at his Karen home staging a hustler parade for his campaign purpose.This has raised eye brows among politicians and Kenyans at large.

    Rumours have been spread all over the country about the Deputy President  being at logger heads with the president .Their relationship seems to have deteriorated for his constant support of the Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga  after the ‘handshake’ in 2018.The rumours have flared up again  after the DP failed to show up for the Covid-19 conference presided over by the President on September 28.[1]

    The official program was set for the Deputy President to make his remarks after Raila Odinga and there after invite the president to make his announcement.His failure to show up however raised questions on whether he is distancing himself from state functions.

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    His allies were quick on their feet to defend the deputy president for not attending the conference saying that, the government never botherd to invite him in another state meetings .They said they did not see any reason why he should have attended the meeting. The Deputy president however has remained quiet on the issue of in attendance even after his hustler convention at his house in Karen.

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    On Tuesday just a day after failing to show up for the covin-19 conference , pictures and videos of DP Ruto made rounds on social media riding in a wheelbarrow .He handed women salon equipment  and youths items such as wheelbarrows and carts to be used as a start up for their businesses.As he offered his strategies the deputy presidents promised he will try hard as he can to pull Kenyans out of poverty.

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    ‘We must change Kenya’s political conversation from power to empowerment and positions to creation of jobs.” DP Ruto said[2]

    The Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe called out the Dp for failing to attend to his duties as a way of out of the jubilee party.According to him his initial duties are now overseen by Minister of Internal Security and national conventional cabinet secretary  Dr Fred Matiangi.”His work is being taken over by Matiangi he is now the minister coordinating his work, the things the Dp used to do are now being done by Matiangi that is, Cabinet Commitees every Tuesday and a full cabinet every Thursdays”

    “He has no job if the president is around, his only job is to deputise in the president, you know his job was taken over by Fred Matiangi, he is the one in charge of coordinating other ministers, the things he used to do are being done by Matiang’i,” Murathe said[3]

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    He however condemned Murathe for acting as an investigator after he questioned The DP’s constant absence and neglecting his duties.”His duties are now being taken over by Matiangi .He is the now the minister co-ordinating the things.The things the DP used to do are now being done by Matiangi .Tha is, cabinet committees every Tuesday and a full cabinet every Thursdays”

    The DP responded to this claim terming Murathe an investigator who is questioning his every move and whatever he has achieved so far.”You have appointed yourself to be an investigator while you should be focusing on the job you were appointed to do .Do your Job!” he shot back. 

    The two who have been in constant disagreements after Murathe claimed that Ruto and his allies have plans of leaving Jubilee and vying for the presidential seat in a different party.Murathe seemed quite confident Ruto will exit jubilee sooner or later.


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