NewsKenyaKenya: Possible coup? The Deputy President attends a party meeting at Pangani

    Kenya: Possible coup? The Deputy President attends a party meeting at Pangani

    Deputy President William Ruto was present today at the Jubilee’s party headquarters in Pangani estate. There we’re also several numbers of members of parliament from the Jubilee le party who are affiliated to the “tangatanga’ side of the political divide. About thirty two members of National Assembly and Senate attended . This was an abrupt meeting organized by the party to table issues on what the party had been experiencing.[1]
    The DP had arrived as early as 9am even as other members of the party and the senate arrived later on. This is his second appearance at the party’s headquarters since early this year April. The details of the meeting were kept out of the public eye as the media was locked out of the premises.

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    With the absence of the Deputy President William Ruto in the party’s recent proceedings his appearance today morning after an abrupt meeting called by jubilee with other thirty two legislators, led the president’s allies to term his move as an attempted coup.

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    This came after the meeting was staged at a time when the president is out of the country for a state visit in France. The president had left the country on Wednesday September 30 as the meeting was held today morning. They claimed that this move undermined the president. Amidst simmering tension among the party leaders, Ruto’s allies stood their grounds that they were still part of the party and had no plans of leaving or worse staging a political coup.[2]
    According to the Dp, he was steering the party in the right direction by getting rid of ‘cartels and busy bodies’ whose aim was to languish the party. Even after the exchange of words between Jubilees vice chair David Murathe and the Meru’s senator also the Deputy party leader Lithika linturi, the party held on to the stand that everything was still under control. Ruto’s legislature allies dismissed claims that they staged a coup stating that jubilee is also their party. They however criticized their opponents for spreading false information.
    “It is not out of order for us to meet in our own house jubilee party headquarters if there was anyone who had doubts if this was still our house today your doubts should be settled “Kandara Mp Alice Wahome announced in a short media brief.
    Senator Linturi urged those spreading false information to stop. He added that the meeting agenda focused on seeking answers for the kenyan electorate. He stated that Kenyan a wanted to know the party held for them and that is exactly what they had discussed in the closed meeting. “There are rumours spreading that there is a possible coup, there was no coup, there is no coup” he the dismissed the allegations.[3]
    James Gakuyo the member of parliament for Embakasi North speaking to a local tv station stated that the critics they locked the ‘kieleweke’ members of the jubilee party out of the meeting were untrue. “There are issues that needed to be discussed including Maraga’s advisory on parliament dissolution and we needed to know the position of the party at this particular time in order to understand that the president is the party leader”
    He also spoke on the issue of Ruto’s disagreement with the Msambweni bi-election decision made by the party leader to not participate in favor of the Orange Democratic Movement party.
    “As much as there is a party leader, he also has other organs beneath him according to the structure of the party who should consult each other before making decisions because it is not a private entity”.

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