NewsKenyaKenya: Teachers report back to school

    Kenya: Teachers report back to school

    KUPET officials led by the member of parliament of Emuhaya constituency and also a chairman in KUPET are visiting schools across Kenya to check on the states of schools as teachers resumed duties today after the ministry of education issued the directive for teachers to report back to school on Monday.[1]

    Most teachers have been reported to have adhered to the instructions issued to them to report back to school cutting across both primary and secondary schools across the country.The schools held meetings on how to handle problems they are currently facing as a fraternity in various schools. This is a move supported by the ministry of education as a way to prepare ahead of school reopening after schools were shut down earlier this year following the outbreak of Covid-19.

    Mr. Omboko Milemba speaking to a local tv station said that they had been visiting various schools and are currently in Kakamega and the main aim is to check the state of the school and if they are ready for reopening. The MP noted that teachers were already in school by morning hours to discuss on the way forward. He however said that there are currently no rules put across for teachers to follow should the president announce that schools will reopen in his much-awaited speech on the Covid-19 conference held in KICC.[2]

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     The Mp demanded a clear structure of admitting student’s back to school be offered to teachers so as to know how to move forward. He noted that there are still no allocated funds to start them off. In concurrent with that he urged the ministry of education to release the 13 Billion allocated to primary and secondary schools. He emphasized that there is no money for sanitizers, water points with cleans water and urged the government to provide teachers and students with such essential before considering to open schools.

    He further advised the government to open schools in phases if at all the president will go ahead with the decision. He says it will be better if they face the opening phase where they begin with KCPE and KCSE candidates. He cited that this move will help achieve social distancing among kids in schools before they bring in other students. He clears that their union is ready and the decision is left upon the government to keep part of their bargain and provide all essentials required for them to begin a new term.

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    Teachers adhered to directives issued by Nancy Macharia to report to school.The fraternity discussed a lot of issues and during dialogue, they noted a few issues.Schools lacked basic materials for learning such as chalks. The government had not sent any capitation of both the second and the third term and also part of the first terms allocations since schools closed in match.He asked the government to ensure the safety of learners by providing face masks. According to Milemba with only 1 billion ksh all students across the country will have three pairs of reusable masks to begin the term with. In concurrent to this, he urged the government to provide that in the next 2 to 3 days.

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    Mr Omboko clarified that, the secretary general of Kupet Mr Akilo Misori will be part of the meeting that is going on in the statehouse concerning issues of COVID-19 restrictions. He says that the committee is looking up to him to air out their grievances to the head of state. They asked him to put across their views on their behalf not only to the ministry but also the president. They believe this move is in favor of all teachers and learners across the country so they can also be comfortable at schools.


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