NewsKenyaFormer Mp's urges the president to consider BBI

    Former Mp’s urges the president to consider BBI

    The head of state seems to have very few options when it comes to the matter of parliament dissolution. He can either decide to ignore the matter and not push forward with or just go ahead with the dissolution. However former MPs are now pushing for Raila’s BBI(Building Bridges Initiative).Mps from Former Parliamentarian Association Kenya and chairperson Hamphre and his counterparts are now imploring the president to consider Raila’s BBI to favor the two third gender rule constitutional dilemma.[1]
    ODM party leader Raila Odinga has been known to push for the BBi saying that this will help boost the lives of women, youth and children. He says this initiative will be a long-term solution to long-term problems. After President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila settled their scores in 2018 surrounding 2017 elections the opposition leader formulated the Building Bridges Initiative.This saw the two leaders advocate for constitutional amendments.

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    Addressing the media yesterday, the MPs say that Raila’s BBi could be the solution to the two-third gender rule predicaments. They are asking Uhuru to work with Raila to release a report that will assist in a referendum.Humphrey Njuguna(chairperson) and Hassan Osman(vice-chair)say they are in favor of a referendum as the gender parity issue will remain unsolved unless the constitution is revisited and some elements changed.

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    As former lawmakers, we hold the opinion that it is time to release and implement the BBI report so that these and other problems in our constitution relating to governance can be sorted out once and for all, said Njuguna, former Gatanga MP.

    They claim that as past lawmakers they do have a say on the implementation of the BBI report. They say that it is high time the BBi report is released and implemented. They believe it will alleviate the two-third gender rule and also other constitutional impediments that come with it. They also urged that they are all for a united and cohesive country.[2]

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    “This advisory opinion on the dissolution of Parliament has triggered the need to embrace the BBI report to cure all the above mischief. It is our desire to see a united and cohesive country where we can talk of one country; one people; one destiny,” he added.

    The association has more than 800 members who are not in support of dissolution. They are in support of the high court’s decision to suspend the Chief Justice’s advisory on dissolution of parliament.
    The BBi report however revealed last year at the Bomas of Kenya did not recommend any measures the government could take to cab the issue of gender parity. Despite women proposing petitions to BBI task force, no action was taken. Women came up with proposals that presidential any gubernatorial seats should ensure they have the opposite gender as their running mate during the general elections.

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    The Fopa association explains that dissolving parliament will not work on gender parity if at all the Constitution is not revised. They said a dissolution will not solve gender parity because there is no assurance that women will be elected if they call for a bi-election hence the only solution is to revisit certain points Ind elements of the Constitution.

    “Even if the 12th Parliament was dissolved today there is no guarantee that more women would be elected to the two Houses,” Osman. Said

    Supporting his counterpart Njoroge he stated that, government needs to do something about gender parity.
    “This advisory opinion has triggered the need to revisit our 2010 constitution and address the commonly agreed 20 percent defects some of which are our system of government, issue of leadership and integrity as well as how to grow our democracy, ” former Kasarani MP Njoroge added.

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