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    Will India get rid of child marriage by discussing the appropriate age of marriage for daughters?

    The 75th anniversary of the Agriculture and Food Organization (AFO) of the United Nations was being celebrated on Friday. At this box, the Prime Minister addressed the country through video conferencing and discussed the appropriate age of marriage of the girls in India.

    The government will take action as soon as the age report comes

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through a video conference on Friday, said in a program organized on the occasion of the anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations that the government will act on the report as soon as the report of the committee formed for the appropriate age of marriage of girls will come.

    The Prime Minister also said that discussions are on to decide what is the appropriate age for marriage of girls. Letters from aware daughters from across the country come that a decision should be taken on this matter quickly. He said that I want to assure all the daughters of the country that soon the government will take action on this report.

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    Announcement on Independence Day

    On 15 August this year, the Prime Minister stated this in his address to the Red Fort. He had announced the formation of a committee that would determine the appropriate marriage age of the girls.

    He had said that we have formed a committee to decide that the malnutrition among the daughters should be ended and the correct age of their marriage. As soon as his report comes, appropriate decisions will be taken about the age of marriage of daughters.

    Current status

    India At present, the minimum age of marriage for boys is 21 years, while the age limit for girls is 18 years. Discussions have been going on in the country for many days, this age limit should be considered for the marriage of girls.
    Despite these rules, Boys are also getting married before the fixed age limit but boys are in better condition than girls.

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    The Prime Minister said in his address that due to lack of education, conception at a young age, lack of information, lack of hygiene, the results that should have been achieved in the fight against malnutrition have not been achieved yet. There were some attempts at different levels of the country but their scope was either limited or scattered in pieces.

    He said that I had started a new endeavor in the country when I got a chance to serve the country in 2014. We moved forward with integrated thinking and moving with a holistic approach. We finished our strategy and started working on our strategies. Good work is being done to tackle malnutrition. Now nutritious crops are being promoted in the country, which is high in protein, iron, zinc, etc.

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    But the most important thing is that considering the age limit of girls, the marriage of girls will stop at a young age. Even today, child marriages continue in rural areas. Parents believe in fulfilling their duties as soon as possible by marrying their daughters. But the government fails to perform its duties. The Prime Minister needs to listen to those who cannot write letters to him from her village, who are still unable to touch the 18-year-old age limit.

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