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    The first phase of Bihar assembly elections completed, Rahul and Modi lashed each other for the second phase

    The first phase of voting for the Bihar assembly elections was concluded. Elections have been held today on 71 seats in 16 districts, in which a total of 1066 candidates tried their luck. In the first phase, 31000 polling booths were arranged in which strict security arrangements were made. By 5:00 pm, 51.68% polling was done.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi were addressing election meetings in Bihar for the next phase of the election campaign. PM Modi held rallies in Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, and the capital Patna, while Rahul Gandhi addressed public meetings in West Champaran and Samastipur. In the public meeting, the two leaders attacked each other fiercely. In his address, Rahul Gandhi was seen comparing Narendra Modi to Ravana.

    Narendra Modi’s public meeting

    While addressing the public meeting in Darbhanga, PM Modi said that BJP and NDA recognize that what they say shows by doing. Today the Manifesto is being raised and an assessment is being made about which steps will be taken by the Government, which has happened for the first time in the country.

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    He further said that “We had said that we will send money directly to the account of the farmers and today about one lakh crore rupees have been deposited in the account of the farmers. We said that every poor bank account will be opened and today 40 crore Bank accounts of the poor have been opened. We talked about providing a free gas connection to every poor sister and daughter’s kitchen and today Ujjwala scheme has freed nearly 90 lakhs women of Bihar from wood smoke. We talked about free treatment up to ₹ 500000, today every poor in Bihar is getting this facility as promised.

    Apart from this, the Prime Minister said that earlier the mantra of the leaders in the government was- The money digested, the project ended. They loved the word commission so much that they never paid attention to connectivity. In their government, it was difficult to live due to crime in Bihar. By talking about debt forgiveness, these people also get scammed in debt waiver money.

    Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi and Nitish Kumar

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    While campaigning for the Grand Alliance, in West Champaran, Rahul Gandhi attacked Prime Minister Modi and Nitish Kumar fiercely. He accused Prime Minister Modi of not fulfilling his promise. Along with the issue of agricultural laws, Gandhi also tried to surround the government on demonetization.

    Rahul Gandhi said that “What Nitish Kumar did with Bihar, today Narendra Modi is doing with farmers of Punjab, Haryana and all over India. Nitish had abolished the mandi system and MSP so that farmers do not get the right price. Usually, effigies of Ravana and Kumbhakarna are burnt on Dussehra but the farmers of Punjab burnt effigies of Prime Minister Modi, Ambani, and Adani this time. This was due to displeasure with the government. I was very sad to see all this.”

    Rahul Gandhi accused the Prime Minister that “when Narendra Modi came here in 2014, he said that this is a sugarcane area and will start a sugar mill here. If I come next time I will drink sugar mixed with tea. Had he taken the tea with any of you?”

    Rahul said, “Lockdown and demonetization were the same. Their goal was to end the business of small farmers and small traders. Demonetisation brought money out of the pockets of the common people and the debts of people like Ambani Adani were forgiven. The money went directly into the pockets of the rich. Even during the lockdown, the debts of the rich were forgiven.”

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    Surrounding the Prime Minister on the issue of employment, Rahul said that the youth of Bihar are motivated to dream and see employment. But it is said that employment will not be found in Bihar but Bengaluru and Haryana. Do not think that there is any deficiency in the farmers and youth of Bihar. Nitish Kumar and the Prime Minister always lie there is a shortage. Modi Ji promised to give jobs to 2 crore people but on the contrary, fired them. The support of the city is the village, the support of the village is the farmer, and the farmer’s support is his farm. The city cannot run without farm and farmer, this is the truth of our India.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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